Life in the Slow Lane: Back from Barcelona

Sunday 27 March 2011

Back from Barcelona

I would love to be reporting that DH and I have just returned from a romantic break, in the beautiful city of Barcelona....but that would REALLY be stretching the imagination! The only thing I got up close and personal with, was the dirt in the apartment that DD and her flatmates were vacating, whilst DH drove back and forwards between it and the new apt, moving cases, bags(you have no idea HOW MANY bags and cases three girls can accumulate in the course of a year!) and let's not forget a double bed, in the back of a Ford Focus!

Now, it's not that the girls hadn't known they were moving for the last three or four weeks. It's just that  they reckon that we oldies  over-plan plan and want to be too organised for EVERYTHING...especially something as simple as moving a few(!) things from one place to another , and running a damp cloth over some work surfaces! 'Do you want me to come up for a few days and help you pack and clean?' I said once, twice, three times - only to be assured that it was all being taken care of.

 So we arrive the afternoon before the big move and are shooed off (although we could SEE  how much was still to be done..but they were determined at this point to be independent and do it themselves). It was by that night that the panic set in, and by 8 o'clock on Saturday morning the supermum-and-dad costumes went on (not forgetting the fixed smiles!) and twelve hours later there was one clean and empty apartment, another apartment  beginning to look exactly like the previous one....and  two totally exhausted parents, who had nothing on their minds but food and sleep!

Anyhow, we achieved what we set out to do...we left DD safe and happily ensconced in her new surroundings...and assuring us that 'the next time it will be different'!


  1. Thank goodness for our Mums! :-)

  2. Ahhhh... it sounds like when we had to pack my daughter up to move her home. I'm envious though. I visited Barcelona in 2001 and have been daydreaming about returning ever since.

  3. What? You mean when they move out we still have to help them clean up?! They're lucky to have you!

  4. Nice post. However...this doesn't sound like the slow lane to me! But I bet everyone's glad it's over, esp. you and your mate.

  5. Great story! I'm sure they were thankful for your help! Thanks for your comment on my blog :)

  6. I'm not sure Super-Mums & Super-Dads ever get to hang up their capes ... well done for wearing fixed smiles too! My DS has rejected all moving out help and lost deposits ... but he IS learning!!
    We're off to Barcelona after Easter - can't wait!


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