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Tuesday, 16 December 2014


Sian from High in the Sky has invited us to share a Christmas story in the few weeks before Christmas....I missed last week but here I am, squeezing two posts into one and with no idea when the next post will manage to be written!

You may have realised I've been back in Scotland, both to attend a wedding (which was such a lovely day) and to bring mum and dad back over to Spain with me, for Christmas.

As I used public transport most of the time I was there, I was looking forward to seeing lots of windows lit up by Christmas trees....I have so many memories of travelling on the bus with my mum and siblings counting the trees in windows in the Glasgow tenements....all of us trying to find the most and squabbling about it as we went along.

You have NO idea how disappointed I was to find so few on my journeys! I know I start my decorating early, but  my mum always said that the folks in Glasgow started putting their trees up in November...well not now they don't ; a sign of the times perhaps, when people are much busier, caught up in the commercialism of Christmas? My memories of Christmas as a child don't seem to have my mum running around like a headless chicken trying to buy the copious amounts of gifts we do today. We all had one 'special ' gift and then our stockings filled with sweets and annuals (how I loved my Bunty annual every year!!). I remember 'smellies' from Aunties (in the form of bath cubes!) and handkerchiefs from grandparents....and we all thought how lucky we'd been.

I did eventually find a Christmas Tree lit up in someone's porch....and though I was disappointed not to have found many more, I was glad that the lack of them brought back such good memories!

As for Me on Monday..well it's not really me at all:'s my dad waiting to get on the plane to get us all back to Spain! 

Me?...I was keeping mum calm, making sure we had all the bags at every stage (not to mention the Passports!) and breathing a huge sigh of relief when we actually got dad in the door of my house without any issues - health or otherwise!!

Hoping the run up to Christmas is filled with good things for you my friends!

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Take care of you
Alison xx

Tuesday, 2 December 2014


I tried REALLY hard to post this yesterday, but in reality it was never going to happen!

The marathon painting job didn't finish till early afternoon, and then of course it was the big tidy time to take any pics of that....but by nine o'clock it es time for this....

...the box(es) of precious ornaments were finally opened and the tree-decorating began! I don't know about you, but there are so many memories attached to our ornaments adds to the enjoyment of the task, but it also makes it a time-consuming job, which is why it was 1o'clock this morning before I got the tree looking ALMOST the way I want it too ( there will be much tweaking between now and Christmas Day!) and the boxes tidied away.

The weekend?......there was Christmas card writing, popping in for tea and cake with a not-so-well friend, starting to think about meals to freeze for mum and dad coming, and tidying up after the painter had left to mention the few things I can actually all begins to pass in a blur at this time of year!

As always, my thanks to SIAN for starting this MONDAY WAVE .....wishing you all a good week...hope you have some festive fun to look forward to!

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Alison xx

Sunday, 30 November 2014


Two posts in one day!? really IS feast or famine with me, but I just had to share the news that JOY over at DAISY ROW and her friend EILEEN have organised a Winter Scavenger Hunt!

The list is as follows:

1. Reflection in water
2. Someone wearing a funny hat
3. Ornate door knocker
4. Breakfast
5. Something that is over 100 years old
6. Winter weather
7. Someone dressed for the season
8. A fish
9. Festive lights
10. A letter shape in nature or in an object
11. Polka dots
12. Silhouette
13. Stained glass window
14. Partly built new building
15. Bunting
16. A collection (of anything)
17. Texture
18. Shadow
19. Street musicians
20. Nativity scene - compulsory and can't be substituted

 If you find any of the above hard to get you may substitute one or both of the subjects below, except No. 20 which is compulsory.  Bearing in mind that you may be living in the southern hemisphere, you may also substitute summer weather for winter weather.

Alternative A - new life
Alternative B -  a decorated tree

You can join up via a Linky on either Blogs.....why don't you join in? know how much we all enjoy RINDA'S Summer Scavenger off to study that list again, I think I may already have a few of them!

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take care of you
Alison xx


Well, what a day you've picked to drop by! Not only is it pouring with rain, but I am in the process of having my Sitting Room painted....

complete with scaffolding! There are boxes and 'things' lying in every nook and cranny around the house, but fortunately there a couple of chairs in the Naya we can sit on, and I can squeeze past the scaffolding to get to the's a hot drink you'll be wanting today, so I'll get the kettle on.

While I'm doing that you can have a look at the Christmas Village...

It's tradition that I have the village in place in time for Kirsty's birthday (which is today...Happy Birthday my sweet!!), so I have just made it in time.

I've also just about finished the tree here in the naya too..just to find the topper, but that will be once I can get back into the cupboard!

Well, I have managed to get past the scaffolding, so let's have this cuppa before it gets cold. Fortunately I bought some mince pies to freeze at our XMAS Bazaar last weekend, so we can have one a couple of those each.

How are your Christmas plans going? If you've visited me before, you will know that Christmas and all it entails are a huge thing with me, so you can hear Michael Buble singing about a White Christmas on the background.

 I 'm very excited, because I'm having my very first Christmas Ornament Swap on Friday...I'm also hoping I can get the house back together and decorated by then!! No-one here has heard of an Ornament Swap but thanks to Blogland I have, and everyone is looking forward to it.

After Friday, my next project will be to turn my newly acquisitioned Craft Room back into a guest bedroom(!) as mum and dad are coming over for Christmas. You can't believe how excited they (and ourselves) never thought he would ever have another visit here! There are lots of things to be put into place from a medical and practical point of view, but it will all be worth it, of that I have no doubt.

I don't know about you, but I have so enjoyed my trips around blogland, having whatever beverage was on offer ...a huge THANK YOU must go to ABI whose idea this brilliant meme was. Due to her workload  at Uni this year , she is calling a halt to TFT but you know you are more then welcome to drop in here at any time...and I have no doubt that come the New Year another meme will bring us all together!

Now grab  that umbrella and get out to the car while that rain has subsided a little travels!

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Take care of you
Alison xx 

Tuesday, 25 November 2014


......and yes, I know it's Tuesday but this was me yesterday:

trying to work out the best way to cover boxes with wrapping paper, so that I could pack these:

this year's hand-knitted items (80 by today!) created by some our crafty volunteers, to be taken tomorrow to a Children's Home a bit further up the coast from us.

The weekend? was a getting (even more) into the Christmas spirit with Kirsty.... our annual Christmas Bazaar (where 4414 euros was raised), making plans for mum and dad's impending visit, visiting the mall to do some pre-birthday shopping and saying goodbye to my girl again..though she'll be back again in four weeks for Christmas :)

Waving at SIAN, whose idea this meme was....wishing you all a good week!

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Take care of you
Alison xx

Monday, 17 November 2014


Waving at you all this week, whilst compiling the list for our Charity's Christmas Party.....

.....It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!.....I have to say that it still feels odd thinking about Christmas in the sunshine, but I'm coping!

The weekend? tidying, new plant planting, hospital visiting, attending another funeral, having coffee with friends, ' sorting' Christmas trees and baubles for the upcoming XMAS Bazaar...and, best of all- booking flights for mum and dad to come here for Christmas! The one thing dad wants most is to come out here again....I have no idea how it will turn out, but I woke up yesterday morning knowing that it's what I want too!

Thanks to SIAN for the idea of the 'MONDAY WAVE'...have a good week!

Thanks for dropping by!

Take care of you

Alison xx


Saturday, 15 November 2014


SIAN has come up with another great idea......check her post HERE...... but I have used RUTH'S photographic post as my 'presentation' inspiration......
I have come to the conclusion that I am a great 'jump on the bandwagon ' type of person....and it's probably just as well, or my blogposts would be even fewer and further between!

For me, November is:


 Beautiful sunrises

Helping to organise our local Christmas Bazaar

 Christmas cards ordered online arriving

Playing Christmas music

Getting the Christmas Village ready to go up by the end of the month

taking the woolies knitted by our Craft ladies to the Children's Home

and wishing a very special girl Happy Birthday!

Thanks for the inspiration Ladies!...

Have a good weekend, and I do hope Christmas is starting to creep into your life in some capacity!

Thanks for dropping by!
take care of you
Alison xx