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Thursday, 28 January 2016


After an early(ish) rise on Sunday morning and noticing what a beautiful sunrise we had over the valley, I decided sunrises would be my theme for this week's SNAP meme, hosted by my friend HELENA

They were very disappointing after that first one!

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Monday, 25 January 2016


Another week does that happen?! means time for a quick roundup of my weekend and to share either something I did for the first time or something new I learned.

First, the weekend roundup: it started with a visit to a Spanish Charity we support (AMADEM), which runs courses for  adults with learning disablities- we had a cheque to present to them and it was there that I learned my something new (which I will share in just a mo)

There was the discovery that a warning light is on in my car and that the speedometer isn't registering anything, followed by some weird and wonderful messages on the electronic dash (in German!), there was some garden-tidying and there was a roast beef lunch with friends. 

Now, what did I learn? ....that these- a special type of spring onions....

are called 'calcots' (pronounced calsots) and that they are grown specially for a Fiesta called  Calcotada...when they are chargrilled en masse and eaten as a starter at a typical Spanish feast.

 The Calcotada Fiesta is held any time from late January into February, and is an early herald to Spring , most particularly in the North of Spain and in many rural areas in our locality.

How have I found out about this?....while at Amadem we were given invitations to THEIR Calcotada on February 28...guess what will be my 'something new' that weekend?

Waving to SIAN and the 'Mondayers'...and of course anyone else who has just dropped by!

Saturday, 23 January 2016


Today I'm joining in with MIRIAM and her new weekly meme....a photo with six words, using a particular word.....this week's is BE


Monday, 18 January 2016


Happy New Week blogfriends!

 It's Monday, so it's time to share my weekend: there was a 'Downton' marathon (it's one of the TV programmes I never watch till it comes out on DVD as I hate waiting for the next episode!). Series 6 and the Finale arrived on Friday Saturday night I had bade farewell to all at Downton, feeling that the makers had ended it well- but also left plenty of stories which could  be developed if the need/inclination arises (PLEASE let it arise!!) There was time for coffee with friends and some laundry between episodes but not much else!

Sunday saw me doing something I haven't done before..attending the 'Blessing of the Animals' in the village....if you didn't know, St Anthony is the patron Saint of animals and here in Spain ' El Dia de Sant Antoni ' is celebrated by animals being blessed by the local Priest. In our village that means our Priest stands outside the Church, in front of the statue of San Antoni and blesses each animal with Holy Water as it is brought past by its owner(s):

There were horses:

There were  hamsters and dogs:

There was even an enormous tortoise( resplendent in a red bow and arriving in a shopping cart!).....

and of course there were more dogs...

I didn't take Boo with me, as I knew she would get over-excited at being among so many other animals, not to mention the crowds but I will seriously think about taking her next year.

Waving to SIAN and the usual 'Mondayers'...and wishing you all a good week

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Wednesday, 13 January 2016


My friend HELENA has come up with another great photographic meme for 2016.....titled SNAP, the idea is 'to share a set of between 2 and 4 images that have a visual link such as colour, shape or subject that form a photo essay (or anything else you care to share as a visual set' 

Like many part of the northern hemisphere, Spring is coming early in our valley:

.....which means the almond blossom is starting to's sparse at the moment, but give it a week or two and it will be in full bloom.

Thanks again to Helena for coming up with another clever idea.

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Alison xx

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

MEMORANDUM MONDAY..... the new brainchild of  'She- of- the- great- Blogging- Ideas' AKA SIAN :the idea being that not only do we wave on Monday, but also share something we did for the first time over the weekend and/or something we learned and hadn't known before.

Given that I spent most of last week-and most of the weekend- in bed or lying on the sofa (having been laid low by a nasty bug) and with a head full of sawdust, I can honestly say I didn't do anything  at ALL, never mind new at the weekend.

By yesterday though, my head was my own again and I am most definitely on the the extent that I got out my little pedalling machine with the intention of using it at least for twenty minutes or so, just to get me back in the swing of it. Unfortunately, after ten minutes the blessed left pedal fell off (!); on examining said pedal I discovered that there was no way it was going to re-thread back into the machine so, being determined that my new fitness and healthy eating regime (more about that another day) wasn't going to be scuppered on day 1, I went off in search of my trusty Superglue to see if THAT would work. I did the necessary and left it to set and by today :

.....I learned that Superglue DOES stick tight- even on metal against metal! I have used my machine and the pedal stayed put...YAY!

Waving at the Monday Wavers and wishing everyone a week with lots to be grateful for!

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Thursday, 31 December 2015


...another year that is; and like all years it has had its ups and downs...this year has had  its share of downs for us, but - as always- look hard enough and we have had many blessings too.

If you read my last post you will know that Christmas was not going at all as planned (and thank you for your good wishes for mum)...but we survived it. It was a very different Christmas Morning for mum and I...just the two of us and mum had to have her presents opened for her...we had a laugh though, as most of the things I had bought for her require that you have, if not two hands, then at least your writing hand! 

I went out for dinner with friends as planned and mum stayed home with a yogurt(!)...though I did bring some turkey back for a sandwich later in the evening.

Boxing Day saw Kirsty and her Craig arrive back....complete with all the presents I'd wrapped and left for them when I was over in November, so we had another Christmas morning

Now that's more like it!

My brother arrived on the 29th and travelled home with mum yesterday....when I spoke to her ;last night I could hear the relief in her voice just to be home...her Church friends have a rota in place to help her out and I am sure she will start to heal more quickly now.

All that's left is for me to wish you all a Happy New Year when it comes...I am looking forward to refurbishing my Craft Room (I've been to Ikea today!!) and trying to get back to scrapbooking on a regular basis.

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