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Tuesday, 29 July 2014


This is a plaque I have in my spare bedroom.... All my bedrooms are full of family and friends for the next few weeks

So I am saying 'fare- ye-well' for the month of Arnie though, ' I'LL BE BACK'..have a fab August..I hope it's not as hot as I think our's will be!!

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Friday, 25 July 2014


It's been a few weeks since I took part in HELANA'S weekly photographic meme, but I am actually organised this week!...though, as it has turned out STILL late in posting!!


You may remember me mentioning a few weeks ago that our local Charity had opened a small hospice facility at a place called is high in the mountains about 10km from here and this is the  view down to the coast at DENIA


What you DON'T see in the above photograph is the huge wall surrounding Fontilles:

The reason for the wall is that Fontilles was actually built as a Leper Colony and Research Facility for the disease. The wall was built as a reassurance to the local villages, as opposed to keeping the patients in. There are still about four ex-patients in the facility, who live in apartments onsite (they had nowhere to go when the facility was no longer needed for that purpose)

There is still a Research Dept there...researching Tropical and all sorts of other diseases.....and the hospitals are now used to serve the local community. There is a Dementia/Alzheimer's hospital and then the main hospital is used for people who need a temporary stay in hospital for postoperative periods, convalescence from illness, chronic conditions, rehabilitation after orthopedic surgery etc. but is also 'home' to many long-term patients, sent there by Social Services when there is no family support available or conditions are too chronic to be dealt with outwith a hospital.

I have become very attached to it during the short period of time we have been involved .....the level of care is exceptional, it is spotlessly clean (and nasty smell-free!) and there is just such an air of tranquility each time I visit.

I realise this has been quite long for a ZIZO, but thought some of you might find a little bit of local history interesting!

Wishing you all a happy and sunshine filled weekend!

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Tuesday, 22 July 2014


It was a busyish Monday, but I did find time to stop off and buy some new plants for my garden (funnily enough I often seem to find time to do that!)

The weekend? included  having a VERY lazy Saturday , visiting the coast on Sunday, eating too much -including some yummy ice cream- (all with my friend Elaine, who is the first of my summer visitors) , being proud of Kirsty for running in the SUNDERLAND COLOR RUN and finding out dad was in hospital again....a fairly mixed bag I would say!

I do hope you had a sunshiny, fun weekend

NB. dad has been stabilised again and is now home.

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Saturday, 19 July 2014


I have to say, it's been a good week for Happy Mail here what with quilt squares (and candy!), postcards and prizes!

This fabulous quilt square arrived from the glorious BEVERLY.......many thanks Beverly.....I can't believe how scrummy the candy is!!

Two postcards.....One from the lovely RUTH, who I have been lucky enough to meet IRL (and will do so again in September) and the other from KAREN

...and the prize?.......I took part in the SCRAP365 bloghop a couple of weeks ago....and I was the lucky winner of this kit from QUIRKY KITS!

Whilst writing this post, it occurred to me that I hadn't shared the other two cards I've received as part of the PILE OF POSTCARDS EXCHANGE organised by SIAN.

This one came from SIAN herself.....

and this one from HELENA (another blogger I have met IRL!)

Thanks to everyone who is keeping our postman (mail man) busy over the summer!

I am hiding indoors out of the heat today, though I do have an errand to run this afternoon so am about to go and attempt to put some REAL clothes on!

hope you are having a good- and perhaps- sun filled weekend!

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Monday, 14 July 2014


I'm combining two memes today...just because I can- and it's too darn hot to make my brain work anything else I'm waving at SIAN (have a good holiday Sian!) and ABI simultaneously.

After a morning being busy in this heat it was lovely to read my book lying on my bed.

And the weekend? was a house-cleaning, garden- tidying (in preparation for the first of the Summer visitors arriving by the end of this week) book-reading, picking-people -from- the-airport (actually from two different airports and fortunately on different days!) and welcoming Kirsty back for a few days kind of weekend.

Hope your own weekend has been productive AND fun!

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Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Belatedly joining with FIONA's monthly meme.

A few weekends ago, SHIMMELLE hosted a weekend of online scrapbooking. I didn't have time to take part, but I DID pin a few sketches.

This was was I particularly liked:

scrapbooking sketch by shimelle laine @

And this is the layout I managed to put together:

On putting the layout away in it's album, I discovered that I had actually already scrapped a smaller version of this photograph, but on double page layout:

Taken at the BLOGGER's WEEKEND  last year...I don't know if it's because we're thinking about another one, but this was the photograph I was drawn to use!

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Monday, 7 July 2014


'Keep it real' said SIAN a couple of weeks ago when she was talking about her ME ON MONDAY here I am- hot, bothered and wearing as little as possible (I do have a sarong wrapped around me, I promise!):

....just about to start writing some postcards  for a certain Big Postcard Swap!

The weekend?: it was a bedlinen washing, plant buying (and planting), arranging Afternoon Tea,going out for Saturday lunch, catching up with some reading, staying -indoors- avoiding -the - heat - till - about - 5pm and a pool dipping one!

Hope you had a good one too!

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