Life in the Slow Lane: MEMOS, MAIL,ME

Monday 1 May 2017


As I sit looking out at the building site which is my garden.....

....I am hoping that tomorrow will see a tiler and a plumber turn up to start their parts of the job at is of course a holiday (!) which means all has come to a standstill; though to be honest not a lot was achieved LAST week, apart from Craig and I going out and buying everything we needed for the ensuite. People came and went to look at what THEIR part of the job entailed, but they then disappeared off to other (obviously more-important-than-mine) jobs!!!!

Yes, the Cavalry (in the shape of Craig) rode-well flew- in for all of three days, in which time we made decisions, loaded the car with tiles, paint and other assorted necessities, borrowed a van to go back and collect the shower screen, vanity unit and shower between which said Cavalry Officer tried to come up with a working plan the builders might actually be able to..well, work to!!!!

Whilst waiting for said people to come and go and whilst my poor husband manned the phone and met with contractors, I snuck in  a bit of scrapping (just to keep my sanity you understand!)

Once left to my own devices again I went off for a bit of my favourite kind of retail therapy:

....then spent a couple of hours in the sunshine planting and good for the soul!!

Saturday night saw a Mexican themed night in the village, so a few of us popped down to show our support...

Unfortunately the weather hadn't been great for the previous few days and the rain had only stopped that lunchtime ( and yes, we even needed jackets!), so it wasn't very well attended...the children enjoyed the donkey rides though!

As for mail....the highlight of the week was the delivery of this: all I need is a Vanity Unit in an ensuite in a bedroom into which I can unpack it!!!!!!

Waving to SIAN and the Monday Wavers...hoping the sun is shining for you this Bank Holiday Monday, as it is here!

Thanks for dropping by!
Take care of you
Alison xx


  1. I like your way of coping with things!

  2. Oh I feel your pain with all the building work, but just keep in mind how amazing it will all look this time next year.

    I'm a huge Liz Earle fan and couldn't imagine using anything other than the cleanse and polish to remove my makeup.

  3. Liz Earle is a new brand to me, but that's one lovely collection. You've had quite a busy week, and it may not feel like much got done, but I'm thinking all that prep will speed things along now! Can't wait to see the finished project.

  4. Clearly a bit of therapeutic scrapping was essential in the midst of all that lot! And it works too, doesn't it?! I hope you see plenty of progress this week because that gorgeous delivery deserves a fine place to rest. Have a good week Alison.

  5. Oh dear about the slow start to the building work, but great ideas for stress busting! Love your scrapbook pages, and your plants. Hope you get your vanity unit soon!

  6. Spanish workmen do have that 'mañana' reputation and it looks like they are living up to it! Hope it all starts happening very soon. In the meantime, keep scrapping and gardening!

  7. I just love the bright happy colors found in your retail therapy!

  8. I'm surprised you managed to produce such lovely layouts with all of that going on around you! x

  9. Oh, I'm so glad you got in some scrapbooking therapy & I hope the workers got some work done this week!!! :)

  10. How nice to have had pretty things popping through the letter box to compensate for all that stress. And you've made some lovely pages too. Rain? I'm guessing the water was welcome for the area? Hoping your garden continues to flourish.


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