Life in the Slow Lane: BFS Prompt #6.....Taking Journeys

Tuesday 29 March 2011

BFS Prompt #6.....Taking Journeys

Thirty one years ago today, I married the'boy' I had been madly in  love with all through High School....and I reckon that our life together definately qualifies as a journey!

It's not always been an EASY journey and, at times, not a particularly happy journey....but here we are, still together ( which, when I look around our friends and family, is an achievement in itself) and I still love him just as much as I did all those years ago. True, there are things about him that have driven me mad over the years, but then I know there are things about ME that drive HIM mad too...but we have given up trying to change each other and trying to change ourselves to please the other-acceptance is a great thing!

We celebrated by going for lunch, at our favourite restaurant down by the was infinitely warmer than it was thirty one years ago, on a cold, Scottish, 'Spring' day!


  1. Congratulations! To still be together, let alone still in love, is a huge achievement in this day and age. Hope you enjoyed your special day. (from BFS)

  2. Happy Anniversary Mr & Mrs xx

  3. Happy Anniversary - that's a BIG achievement these days.

  4. That's a lovely little post, congratulations on your anniversary. It's wet & miserable right here right now - I sooooooooo wish I was in Spain :-)

  5. Lovely photos of you both :-) And I see that I should have been wishing you a Happy Anniversary on this post, some days ago!! Oops - I'm running late! But the wishes are as warm as if I'd been on time xx


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