Life in the Slow Lane: To Market, to market....

Tuesday 12 April 2011

To Market, to market....

Tuesday is Market Day in the village next to ours. It's a mixed market, with stalls selling all manner of household items, stalls selling jewellery

as well as lots of fruit and veg stalls.

              This week there was also a lady making beautiful plaited Easter decorations

I've tried to find out the significance of these, but to no avail so far. I will keep trying, as I'm intrigued by them.

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  1. The fruit & vegs stalls look wonderful - we need to get out to the farmer's market this week.

  2. That market looks absolutely gorgeous and the fruit so delicious. I have just read your escaped dog story and totally know how you feel - they are like children to us doggy lovers.

  3. One of the pleasures of blog reading is discovering things from different places - this is a wonderful glimpse into your world.

  4. This is a great post, Alison! I love seeing the photos of your surroundings - something that probably seems very common to you, but oh so interesting to those of us from far away. Well done!

  5. Intriguing....what ARE they??? Edible??? Do you need to be fluent in Spanish to live in Spain & have you always lived there? I also did a post today on one of our South African musicians & sports people... I always find these posts very interesting but don't do them too often on my blog because most people visit me for the scrapbooking aspect only...

  6. Love the pics, can't wait to get to our farmer's market, maybe tmw :)


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