Life in the Slow Lane: A-Z of Me- Letter 'M'

Tuesday 26 April 2011

A-Z of Me- Letter 'M'

In a couple of previous posts, I have mentioned the ongoing 'A-Z of ME'  Challenge, which I'm participating in, over at Scrapbook Challenges . When the Challenge was originally posted, I decided that I wanted to make mine a 'snapshot' of my life as it is , now, in 2011. I have used a 8x8 American Crafts was scary enough thinking of doing little LOs about me, never mind 12x12!

Sometimes the challenge is very specific in nature, with not only the title specified but also what supplies, techniques etc. are expected to be used. Other times, the choice is completely left up to yourself. The letter 'M' was one of the latter...and boy! did I struggle to come up with something!

After almost three weeks of brainstorming (badly!), I resorted to....don't laugh!.... a Dictionary! And lo and behold, the word 'makeup' jumped out at me.

As you can see from my LO, I don't use a lot ...just enough to cover up the blemishes and shadows!....although I do feel naked without mascara. 

This led me to wonder:
Do you wear a full makeup during the day, or just on 'special' occasions? 

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  1. Great lo. I am very tempted to do an A to Z of me, but it probably would be a journal or minibook, rather than full los. I dont wear much makeup, mainly only for special occasions. Occasionally I get a bee in my bonnet and wear it for a few days, and then slowly go back to my old ways, lol. I would rather spend the extra 10 minutes in bed in the morning than doing make up.

  2. Great LO on an unusual subject, love it. I wear a bit of eyeshadow and bronzer in the winter but just a bit of bronzer in the summer and, just like you, I can't be without mascara! :)

  3. That is a really good idea - I really need to do more of the day to day things as I think they will really be fun to look back on.
    I always start with a little make up on the morning and have none by the time I get home. Not good at reapplying :0)

  4. I don't wear much and if I'm at home all day not at all. However I do always make the effort when I am going out.

  5. I LOVE Benefit Erase Paste and Bare Minerals foundation!! I will have to check out that Max Factor mascara....I love Mally mascara but I'm always looking for new ones to try! love the layout!!

  6. I have not done one entry for this class - such a shame because I really want to do this album .... the dictionary is a GREAT idea to start with!

  7. That's two pieces of inspiration you have given me today! I dont wear make up unless I am going out (very rare as we have no babysitters) and even then it is very old stuff and not very much of it. I feel I should make more effort though! And I love the idea of an A-Z of me. Like Jo said above, I keep meaning to scrap the minutiae of everyday life more as it is this that makes history interesting, I think anyway! Thanks for your lovely comments by the way.

  8. I'm pretty much of a minimalist and would really rather just wear moisturizer and a little loose powder to take away the shine. But I do use foundation, eyeshadow, mascara, blush, and lipgloss during the week--though I've been known to cut out parts of that when I'm running late. Good luck with the remainder of the alphabet!


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