Life in the Slow Lane: USA Trip 2008- Santa Fe

Tuesday 7 June 2011

USA Trip 2008- Santa Fe

I thought it was time to continue with the tale of our US trip.

We left beautiful Arizona,and headed west again..this time towards Santa Fe in New Mexico. Our reason for this visit was to visit my Godmother's sister, Dianna, who has lived there for many years. Again, DH did all the driving (and to be honest I don't remember much about this part of the trip). 

We had decided to stay in a Hotel this time, as we were only going to be there for three nights. We arrived fairly late at night, and on going to check in (after, of course, the SatNav getting us lost a few times) discovered that our room had been double-booked...not what we wanted to hear! They managed to get us booked into their 'sister' hotel for one night, but that meant another half hour of getting lost before we found it, fairly far off the beaten track..and of course the restaurant was closed for the night. This wasn't turning out too well! We checked in and then, (midnight by this time and we had travelled for most of the day) the very understanding girl at Reception turned up at our door with cereal(!) and milk, which was all she had been able to find for us to eat.

After a decent night's sleep, everything looked much better. We got ourselves up and headed over to the other Hotel, then went  for a quick wander before meeting Dianna for lunch. This Hotel was in the little Main Street and was a really cute,adobe style building.

Even though I hadn't seen Dianna for about 18 years, we recognized each other right away. We spent a lovely afternoon with her and she insisted that she 'show us the sights' the next day.

Santa Fe itself was a really quaint little town, with some beautiful art and sculpture Galleries. I have to confess that my favourite shop was the 'Year Round Christmas Shop' (Why don't we have them in the UK?!), where I added a few lot of dollars to the Visa card bill..... I don't know if I've mentioned that I LOVE Christmas and American Christmas Stores!

The other thing that sticks in my mind, is that on the Saturday night, when we were crossing the town square on our way to eat, there were couples dancing to the music coming from one of the was just so darned romantic!

So ends our Santa FE time we're off to- well check back to find out!

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Alison xx


  1. Santa Fe looks a lovely place.
    If you're ever in Stratford on Avon....they do have an all year round Christmas shop!!

  2. wow,that place looks beautiful!
    Lovely pics,beautiful L/O!!

  3. It looks so sunny and inviting!

    I can remember discovering US Christmas shops when I went on an exchange trip at the age of 17 - I thought I'd stumbled on a bit of magic!

  4. Santa Fe looks fab Alison! I too would spend $$$$ in a Christmas shop!!! Thanks for the comment on my blog, yes those palm trees are on our beach! We just don't have any sand or warm sun at the moment!

  5. I love reading about your travels & seeing all your pics & layouts of the memories - it's a real education for me! Sante Fe looks like a cute place!

  6. I love Santa Fe! My grandmother visits there every year in the fall and sometimes the spring too. (She lives only 5 hrs away in denver) And one of my aunts lives just up the road in Espanola, NM. I love the Rancho de Chimayo and the beautiful restaurant in the historic La Fonda hotel. Sounds like you had a lovely visit!


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