Life in the Slow Lane: Scavenger Hunt Finds in the UK

Tuesday 23 August 2011

Scavenger Hunt Finds in the UK

I keep meaning to post these..and then it goes out of my tiny mind! I thought I should do so while it's actually in said tiny mind ('cos who knows how long it might stay there before I find yet another distraction!)

First up, when I arrived at Edinburgh Airport I spied these in the Gift Shop

The St Andrew's Cross (blue and white)is the official Scottish flag, and the Lion Rampant is the one often associated with Scottish football, rugby etc. I do realise that we all come under the Union Jack, but we Scots are very proud of our 'own' flags!

I  knew I was going to struggle with the wooden bridge in the surrounding area here, so imagine my delight when, while I was in Whitley Bay, my friend Suzanne suggested lunch at a  local Garden Centre...not only does it have a very nice restaurant, but I reckoned I just might find a wooden bridge there! And lo and behold...

a wooden bridge...going nowhere, but a wooden bridge just the same! And, when I turned round... 

.....a hand-chalked sign! I have to say that plants cost much more in this Garden Centre, than they do at my local one!!

I've a few more that I've collected here, but will post them later ....just wanted to do my UK finds, while I remembered!

Thanks for dropping by!
Take care of you
Alison xx


  1. Love the flags! I'm not sure why I never realized you were in Spain; somehow I had you mentally placed as living in the UK!

  2. Love the wooden bridge going nowhere....I need one in my garden.

  3. You must be feeling very proud of yourself. Oohhh I love garden centres with restaurants lol

  4. Fun finds here, Alison! I need to gather a few together myself and get them posted. I was thinking the scavenger hunt was coming to an end, but confirmed with Rinda that it goes until almost the end of September...the way time is flying that will be here before we know it.

  5. You really need to explain this scavenger hunt thing to me - I'm totally lost! But I do like the look of that bridge though!

  6. Love that little bridge Alison. I have a few photos on my camera that I need to upload.

  7. You seem well on your way to finding the requisite items and glad the UK helped out!

  8. Well done, I need to have a day that I fully commit to scavenging as I only have taken a handful. I'm hoping to remember the recipes the produce lady told me lol Hopefully they all that produce will be cooked, photographed, deemed delicious and shared on the blog :)


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