Life in the Slow Lane: LSNED DAY 18 &19

Tuesday 20 September 2011

LSNED DAY 18 &19

DAY 18

I learned that there is no way I could live in a city....visit, yes...but actually live among all this noise -no!

DAY 19

I learned that it is more exhausting to walk around slowly, than it is to do so at a fair pace.....and also that DD has infinite amounts of patience with my dad. She walked around Barcelona with her Grandad attached to her arm- and wouldn't let either mum or I help him.

We have managed to see quite a few things...and dad, though very slow, has coped well with the walking. As long as we have plenty of stops for him to have a little seat (and a cup of tea), he is doing much better than  I anticipated...a recurring lesson methinks-don't underestimate the determination of my dad!

These are a few of the day's highlights

La Sagrada Familia

DD and her Grandad

Mum, dad and DD

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Take care of you
Alison xx


  1. What a lovely DD you have! Love that your dear old dad appears to have a huge book growing out of his head ...

  2. What a lovely thing to learn about your daughter. Long may that patience continue (so you can use it too lol)

  3. That cathedral is one of my most favourite pieces of architecture...I could have looked at it all day when we were in Barcelona....sadly we were only there for one day.
    What a lovely pair your DD and dad make.

  4. looks a lovely place to visit

  5. It looks and sounds like you been having some really lovely family time xx

  6. September looks like a good time to visit - Barcelona looks super sunny!

  7. Love seeing your pics of Barcelona! It looks fab. Great that DD and her grandparents get on so well:)

  8. Your pics are amazing :) It looks like gr8 fun!

  9. Hi,WOW...that first pic is amazing!!how very beautiful!!
    BTW the small world children on my L/O are just a Jolle sticker...nothing handmade by me...only a sticker :))
    Thanks for your sweet comments .Have a nice day!

  10. Fantastic photographs - I love the hustle & bustle of a big city!

  11. It looks like you've been having a lovely visit with your parents and DD in Barcelona :)

  12. That looks like a great trip - lovely photos - and I'd say darling daughter definitely deserves the adjective darling - bless her heart (and her mom's for raising her right)!

  13. What a stunning place! Its definitely on our list for when we can properly sightsee (i.e. when the children are MUCH older!)


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