Life in the Slow Lane: LSNED DAY15 and Serendipity (or' Two more pics for the Scavenger Hunt')!

Friday 16 September 2011

LSNED DAY15 and Serendipity (or' Two more pics for the Scavenger Hunt')!

The lesson was that my DD has absolutely no sense of direction!!

 We drove up to Barcelona yesterday (which we had no problem with at all) and she had made an appointment to view an apartment at 6.30pm (her current Landlord has decided to sell the one she's in just now, and wants her and her flatmates out by Oct 15th!...this does not fill me with joy). Anyhow, off we went ....we had already parked the car for the night (costing 30 has been moved to a cheaper site today!), so we walked then took the Metro, with DD assuring me that she had checked GoogleMaps and knew exactly where to go....until we got there! Let's just say that we still haven't viewed the apartment......(oh yes! forgot to mention she had left her phone and wasn't able to ring the agent for directions!!!)

After that, we decided we needed to eat and why not go to this great Mexican place she loves....'sounds great' says I and we set off through a warren of streets off the Ramblas. Twenty minutes later she 'fesses up that she is totally lost.....BUT (this is the 'serendipity' part), we turned a corner and discovered....not only a student demonstration, but it entailed throwing leaflets in a fire burning in a bin (I know it's not a campfire, but it's the closest I'm going to get). For those not keeping up, these are two of the items I had still to find on RINDA'S Summer Scavenger Hunt! 

This girl was shouting at the top of her voice and you can just see the drum which was being banged in the bottom LH corner!

you can just about see the flame!
and here are said leaflets being burned...though you can't see the flames!

And to  top it all...we turned the corner and there was the Mexican Restaurant! We had a lovely meal...accompanied by a much-needed-by -that-time Margarita!

After being fed and watered, we walked back to DD's apartment...stopping for coffee AND ice-cream (diet?...what diet?)!

So really we didn't do so bad at all from DD's dreadful sense of direction....we had a lovely evening together, had a yummy meal (and ice cream!!), had a few laughs and got another two pics for the SH!

Thanks for dropping by!
take care of you
Alison xx


  1. That's quite an adventure! And mouthwateringly delicious, by the sound of it. Amazing to see students demonstrating - when I was their age and in Barcelona, Franco was still in power and you couldn't even speak Catalan, or be more than a group of four without it constituting an illegal gathering ...

  2. Wow well done Alison. A double take!

    And coffee and ice cream after a meal - a must have in my book!

  3. great finds - and ice-cream too - sounds like a successful evening

  4. Funny how things turn out! Glad you had a great night. The dinner and ice-cream part sounds great.

  5. And did you discover what was so offensive about the leaflets???

  6. Too funny Alison! I love a good street protest.

  7. Gosh, that was an adventure! You were quite brave to take a pic of some angry students, they can be a bit unpredicatble lol!

    I hope you find an excellent new apartment for them soon

  8. Haha - funny story - at least all's well that ends well!!

  9. You're very brave taking photos of them lol ...


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