Life in the Slow Lane: Summer Scavenger Hunt...Final Instalment!

Thursday 22 September 2011

Summer Scavenger Hunt...Final Instalment!

Tomorrow sees the end of the Summer Scavenger Hunt, organised by  RINDA over at 'Gallo Organica'.

I took my last few pics today and here they are:

No special story, but the interesting fact is that here in Spain, the dead are buried in walls and not in the ground....ladders are provided if your nearest & dearest are 'at the top' and you want to clean the stone, or leave flowers!!

A 'froggy' garden  sculpture I found, while browsing in a Garden Centre today!

Finally...time for the self-portrait

I believe this only leaves 'someone painting outside the house', as my failure...though admittedly, there a quite a few of my entries that Rinda could be forgiven for disqualifying!

I have really enjoyed it, though..thanks for organising it has certainly made the summer more interesting!!

Thanks for dropping by!
Take care of you
Alison xx


  1. I remember being fascinated by the vertical cemeteries when I first visited Spain aged 13/14 ... very sensible if you ask me!

  2. Not so good if your nearest and dearest is at the top though!!
    I've really enjoyed the scavenger hunt as well.

  3. And than you for playing along! They bury people like that in New Orleans, too because of ground water. I love, love, love your self-portrait. It's so summery and sun-kissed.

  4. I've not taken part, but really enjoyed seeing your photos. Now I can really picture you when I'm reading your blog :)

  5. I know, I hope it becomes an annual event! It has made me look at things with new eyes all summer

  6. Alison, your self portrait is fantastic, you need to update your profile pic!
    I'm a bit like Sian, I think this needs to be a regular feature :-)

  7. What a great self portrait Alison! And you are doing a fabulous job keeping up with LSNED - I agree about "there's no place like home" after a trip away.

  8. Glad you enjoyed your scavenger hunt! I've enjoyed getting to know you at Scrap-Friendzy!! ~ Blessings

  9. I've loved seeing all of your scavenger hunt photos. Your self portrait is lovely x

  10. I like the self portrait as well! You look fabulous :)

  11. Can't wait to see the layout of your self-portrait!! Well done on keeping up with all the photos - you sure had fun in the process :)


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