Life in the Slow Lane: Finished....and Started!

Friday 25 November 2011

Finished....and Started!

The finished project is DD's NYC album, for her Birthday next week. I scrapped the last few pages yesterday

and finished the cover today!

Now all that's left is to wrap it up and take it to Barcelona with me on Sunday! I do like to see a project finished.

That being finished, I was able to think about my next JYC album! I'm going with a modern American Crafts 8x8 again. I have most of my papers and cardstock picked out, but am waiting for the last of them to arrive....I'll take a pic when it's all here.

I have, however made my date tags

I used my Silhouette to cut out the scalloped circles, hand cut  the numbers from grunge-board, primed them with white paint and used Stickles to cover them  ....and I have to say I don't like them at all!  It's unlikely though that I'll change them, due to time constraints.

Thanks to you all for your encouragement about the Varifocals! I'm still trying to find the right part of the lens when using the head is constantly on the move!

I'm off to Barcelona on Sunday, to spend a few days with DD. Before I left last time, I discovered the scrapbook store which DD had assured me existed, but couldn't find again(!), so I intend having a mooch around there, as well as trying to get a bit of Christmas shopping done....mainly for DD herself, as the rest has been done online. I also hope to find something to wear with black trousers, over the Christmas period!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Thanks for dropping by!
Take care of you
Alison xx


  1. your letters look lovely Alison and they will look different again once they are on your layouts xx enjoy DD birthday...her album looks fab!

  2. The letters look nice, don't worry. If you really don't like them maybe you coul add some more embellishment to them, ribbon or something maybe?
    I hope DD has a wonderful birthday, I bet she'll love the album, what I've seen of it is lovely, including your page today.

  3. I agree with Louise ~ you may not like the numbers just now, but once they're on a page they'll look completely different ... and amazing!
    Lovely job on the NYC album.

  4. DD will be so chuffed with her album. Have a great time in Barcelona xx

  5. Have a lovely time with your daughter and I love the sparkle of your numbers and the cover of your album.

  6. Well done it getting the album finished - I'm sure your DD will love it. Have a great time with her in Barcelona.

  7. Well done on finishing - I have to say that I love your hand writing, much neater than mine! Have a lovely trip :)

  8. Wow! You've gotten a lot done. I love the NYC cover and the glittery numbers. :)

  9. I love the album Alison! I am sure that DD will love it! And I agree with the others, your mumber tags will look great when they are on the page.

  10. I find numbers on their own are always odd looking!!! And everyone else's always look better :-) I agree with all the other comments that they will look better on your finished page.

    Love your finished album!!! I think I have almost forgotten what a finished project looks like!

    On a final note, O Holy Night is also my favourite Christmas Carol. I don't really like the Aussie Jingle Bells but I added it for a bit of fun. It is always good for a laugh even if you may need a translation to understand it!

  11. Congrats on getting the album finished in time. I like your numbers, I think you'll like them better once you've got them on the pages.
    Good luck with the glasses. I found that I just couldn't use my bifocals when on the laptop so have a pair of readers specifically for the laptop instead.

  12. So glad you managed to finish the album in time....and like others I think the numbers will look great once they are on pages.

  13. I think she'll love it!

    Your numbers look so festive and sparkly and merry I think you'll grow to love them.

  14. I think your numbers look really good! Hope you have a nice time in Barcelona and that you find something to wear with your black trousers :)

  15. Hi Alison,
    have a great time with your daughter,she is going to love her birthday it!!

    I like your numbers and they will look great on your pages.

    Big hugs

  16. Super cute NYC album! My mom and I went to NYC in 2006, and we had a million and one photos to scrap when we got back, so I totally understand what an accomplishment it is to finish an album like that! :)

    And I absolutely LOVE those JYC numbers! Can't wait to see how your album turns out!

  17. Have a great time in Barcelona - super pages and album and I love your date tags, can't believe how glittery the stickles made the numbers off to have a play myself :)

  18. Congrats on getting the album all finished - woo hoo!! And the tags! You have been very productive indeed - love the glitter! Sorry you hate them :( I think hand-cutting the numbers was perhaps over-ambitious although I admire you for doing it!!

  19. Well done on timely completion and timely preparations - very glitzy numbers too - they'll make you smile each day I'm sure.
    If ever we make it back to Barcelona you'll have to let me know where it is ... we spotted a craft shop near Liceu metro (on the way to our hotel) but it had really weird opening hours so we never got inside to see what it sold!

  20. your album is lovely Alison, now on to the next one!

  21. The album looks great! Your daughter is going to love it.

    Love the glitter numbers for your JYC project.

  22. I thought those numbers were Thickers! Well done, they must have taken ages! Congratulations on finishing the NYC album too - such a sense of satisfaction.

  23. I think your numbers look amazing, lovely & bright, perfect for your album.

    Hope you're having a lovely time in Barcelona. I'd also like to say thank you for your recent comments on my blog, I'm hoping to get back into blog reading now and I look forward to seeing how your journal comes along x

  24. Your finished album looks terrific, and I'm predicting your DD will LOVE it! I'll keep an eye out for the follow-up post.

    Call this a catch-up comment. I very behind on blog reading but read through your recent posts. You've been so busy! and so productive! 10 on 10, 11/11 posts, etc. You go, girl!

  25. Hi Alison ~ I'm another one who loves your numbers! I actually love the shape and glitter and the unique quality of them. I think they'll be perfect in your Christmas journal!

    LOVE the NYC book. So glad your DD loved it too. :o)


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