Life in the Slow Lane: Life on December 16th

Friday 16 December 2011

Life on December 16th

I have been watching reports on UK TV News about how quiet the Shopping Centres are, for the time of year. I popped into the one nearest to us (about twenty minutes drive away)on Wednesday afternoon, and reckoned it wasn't going to  be busy, by the ease of which I parked...I did not, however, expect it to be this quiet!

I suppose part of the reason is that the Spanish themselves don't make such a huge thing of Christmas as we do in the UK and USA, but the expats are certainly not out spending at this point either. There are certainly no huge queues to be waiting in.

Yesterday was my last Slimming Club weigh-in of the year, and although I didn't achieve my goal of losing 3 stones ( 42lbs /19.05kgs), I only missed it by .05 kg (which is not even half a pound)! I reckon I'm not even counting that miserly amount and am considering it a done deal!!
 I am hoping to lose another stone next all I need to do is try not to put too much of it back on over the next few weeks! 

I have to say that I had a funny sort of a day today.....after a quick pop to the shops, and getting DD's bedroom and the spare room ( which mum and dad will be in as of Monday) straightened out ,I discovered that I had time to sit down and do not -a-lot. The cards are all posted, the house is decorated, the presents are wrapped (I'm still waiting with fingers crossed for a parcel from Amazon) and it's too early to start the food shopping. I felt quite panicky actually, but on checking my lists, couldn't really find anything that I really needed to be doing, so sat and watched a Christmas DVD (SCROOGED) 

Just want to leave you with a picture of the sky has been totally amazing to watch!

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Alison xx


  1. Sometimes finding you've nothing on your list is more panic inducing because you think you must have forgotten something!!!!
    Our shopping centre was much more crowded than yours....though certainly not bad for this time of year.

  2. well done on the weight loss xx

  3. That is impressive weight loss for sure! And what a lovely sky. No sing of quiet shops down here - all totally manic and horrid.

  4. stunning sky. I often find myself in that strange 'nothing left on the list' when I'm getting organised to travel - I have picked up my Dad's desire to 'get ahead of the game'

  5. Definitely take it as a done deal - you have done fantastically well. Enjoy having the family over :0)

  6. The picture of the sky is beautiful.

    And congrats on the weigh-in. I think it totally counts as a success - that's a really great achievement!

  7. You have done brilliantly!

    Gosh, that is very very quiet. It has been slow here, but definitely not in that league. I think today I am going to reach that nearly-everything-done stage. Hurray.

  8. Definitely a done deal. Huge congratulations on a fantastic achievement Alison.
    I went to a nearby town yesterday for a haircut and was almost late because I couldn't park. It was heaving!
    Fiona x

  9. Wow, that tree is stunning! I wish our mall was that quiet and empty, but no way, very crowded here! Congrats on your weight loss, I need to be doing the very same thing!

  10. Congratulations on the weight loss Alison - I am applauding for your right now (can you hear it?)!!! I'm going to join you next year and get back on track - I would like to lose 30 pounds. I'm making plans & have enrolled in Cathy Z's Move More, Eat Well workshop.

    I can't believe how few people were at the mall - not like here at all!

    Your JYC pages are turning out great. We got a new camera as an early Christmas gifts, too! It's a DSLR, so my other goal next year it to learn all about it & to take some photography courses. I've been playing around with it so I can at least get some decent photos on our upcoming cruise.

    Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

  11. Super congratulations on the weight loss!!!! Bet you feel great having reached your goal!
    I am afraid retail is not like it once was which is not great for small business owners like me. But in some ways it is hopeful to think that maybe people are just putting more thought into buying the right gift and not just spending money for the sake of it! :-)

  12. A fantastic weight loss- well done!

    It's a nice feeling to know that you are all sorted for Christmas. I'm nearly there too.

    Fab photo x

  13. I was at the mall early this morning and thankfully before all the afternoon rush... We have crazy busy malls, so much so I think I will do my shopping at smaller places this week just to avoid the crowds.

    I love your last photo Alison, that is amazing!

  14. I have to say that I haven't experienced huge crowds when shopping this year. Does it mean more people are using the internet or just that we are all being a bit more cautious with our money and waiting for the sales? But nowhere is as quiet as your photo! I am on a cooking mission today but I am nowhere near as finished or organised as you!

  15. Wow, love that sky photo. Well done on the weight loss - I am sure you won't put on too much over Christmas - but make sure you enjoy yourself too! Merry Christmas x

  16. Well done on ur weight loss! I wish I could say the same :) Maybe next year... Love ur sky pic!

  17. Beautiful photo Alison! So glad you are all organised - well done!! Here our shopping centres are absolutely packed - the economy has grown here since last year - and we have a lot of visitors too!!

  18. What wonderful daily's your posting!! Love the shoe tree, and the pomegranate so sounds like something I'd do!! ~ Blessings


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