Life in the Slow Lane: HELLO MONDAY (on Tuesday...AGAIN!)

Tuesday 18 December 2012

HELLO MONDAY (on Tuesday...AGAIN!)

The week before Christmas...who can believe it?...and I'm saying:

HELLO to you all...I missed being around as much last week

HELLO to being home...there's no place like it!

HELLO to very pleasant temperatures....a balmy 20 degrees (C) today

HELLO to Kirsty being home with me......lots of Christmas DVDs and CDs being played!

HELLO to having to add a new P&S camera to  my Christmas list...I have lost mine somewhere between here and the UK...and of course the memory card full of my most recent photographs :(

HELLO to Craig arriving home for Christmas on Saturday.....then it will really feel like Christmas!

Hope you have a magical run-up to Christmas!

Thanks for dropping by!
take care of you
Alison xx


  1. No, I can't believe it's a week before Christmas! I hope yours is wonderful and blessed!

  2. We don't mind Monday coming on Tuesday - after all we know that you come from the land where 'manana' is the norm!
    Sorry to hear your camera has gone AWOL, but what a good excuse for buying a new one ;-)

  3. Waving hi to you Alison! Sorry about the camera. I've decided to get a new camera lens for myself for Christmas.

  4. Hello! Yes, one week to go - exciting but also scary...

    I'm very sorry to hear about your camera, even more so about the memory card, that's not good xx

  5. Sorry about the camera.....especially the lost photos.

  6. what a shame about the photos x

  7. Ooooh...that's a drag about your camera! I want to get a new point and shoot before Carrie and I travel to the UK next year as I don't want to lug my larger camera around with me.

    Have a great time with your family around over the next week or so! Merry Christmas, Alison. xo

  8. Oh no! I hope your camera turns up somewhere unexpected very soon. I'm taking a bit of a blog break and I just wanted to stop by and say blessings of the season to you all xx

  9. No i can't believe its the week before christmas either. Such a shame you lost your camera x

  10. What a gorgeous temperature! and sorry to hear about the camera :(. Hope you found everyone well and had a lovely time, and welcome back and welcome home!

  11. happy to hear you're home! Rock on!

  12. Can't believe Christmas is a week today. Where did the rest of December go? Getting ready to leave on Thursday for some nice warm weather, although I sure can't complain about what we've been having. I'm so sorry to hear about your camera - especially the card. I'm thinking I'll look at some P&S ones when we're in St. Maarten, the little one we have just doesn't cut it at times and John complains about having to take all the extra stuff along for the 60D.

    Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  13. Oh dear Alison I do hope the camera turns up :(
    Sorry but I am still waiting for your book to arrive here ... have sent her a message to check if it was posted 6/12 as promised ... or if she's forgotten!

  14. Oh how sad to lose your camera :( Glad to hear that you are home safely and will soon have Craig home. It's lovely having a daughter back home isn't it? I'm enjoying having Penny home for sure!

  15. OH noooo! So sorry to hear about your camera!! Glad you are happy to be home though!!!


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