Life in the Slow Lane: HELLO MONDAY (LATE AGAIN!)

Tuesday 26 February 2013


This week I'm saying:

HELLO to Craig arriving on Monday morning :)

HELLO to Craig getting an unexpected phone call on Monday night, which meant him leaving again this afternoon (Tuesday) :(

HELLO to an unexpected trip to Valencia Airport due to the above!

HELLO to having fingers crossed for Kirsty, who has three interviews this week!

HELLO to a trip to the hairdresser on Wednesday

HELLO to a Respiratory Nurse being assigned to my dad (after him having had 24 hours in hospital again!), which we are looking at as being a positive step.

HELLO to a weekend in Milton Keynes...meeting online friends at 

organised by LIZZIE!!! .....I am so looking forward to meeting you, ladies!

Definately a mixed bag this week.....hope your own week is looking good!

Thanks for dropping by!
Take care of you
Alison xx


  1. So looking forward to meeting you as well!!

  2. Yay, only a couple of days now!
    Good luck to Kirsty, getting through to 3 interviews shows she's fab.

  3. I cannot wait - although I am far from ready!

    Good luck to Kirsty and your Dad xx Safe journey to you!

  4. So jealous as I just missed out. Have a brilliant time and can't wait to hear all about it xx

  5. Glad to hear your Dad is getting good care and that must be easing your and Mum's minds too. It will be lovely to see you on Friday!

  6. Glad your dad is getting treatment. Soooooooooo envious of your trip to Milton Keynes and I kick myself everytime I read about it that I didn't jump at the chance when Lizzie asked me. But on the plus side we will be meeting in a couple of weeks time :)

  7. Busy week, no wonder you were a little late in posting ;-)
    Have a brilliant time with Lizzie, and I'm so pleased to hear that your Dad is being well looked after. Good luck to Kirsty!

  8. Enjoy your weekend and I'm glad your Dad is getting good care

  9. Have a wonderful time when you come over! So sad I missed the boat on this one. Fingers crossed that your Dad is in great hands now and you can relax a bit.

  10. Oh I'm another one who wishes I was coming for the craft weekend! Hope you all have a lovely time and look forward to reading about it on your blogs:)

  11. Sorry to hear about your Dad after just sending him home. Hopefully the nursing care will help!

  12. Have a wonderful weekend..of course you will :)

    Best wishes for some improvement for your dad with that extra care

  13. Yeah for the weekend! Hope you have an uneventful journey and see you soon x

  14. How exciting! You'll have a wonderful weekend. I'm very envious, but I was already booked to go on another crafty weekend. Maybe next time.
    Fiona xx

  15. hello to meeting you too. Safe trip!

    Wishing kirsty lots of luck and sending well wishes your dad's way x

  16. Glad your Dad is getting that extra care. I was all set to say yeah for Craig getting home on Monday till I read the next sentence. (:
    Good luck to Kirsty. Hope the rest of the week goes well.

  17. Oh I do love the idea of a Blogger/Crafter's weekend and often think about arranging one but where in the world would we meet?!? Sorry Craig is gone so soon!!

  18. Wow - so much going on!
    Have a great time at the gathering and good luck to kirsty!
    Hope Craig is there when you return from MK.

  19. I'm so behind! The weekend has been and gone I hope you had a wonderful time, looking forward to hearing all about it.


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