Life in the Slow Lane: HELLO MONDAY

Monday 22 April 2013


HELLO to spending some time with Kirsty down here in Newcastle

Daughters' bedrooms never seem to change much!!!

to catching up with friends while I am here 

HELLO to seeing 
THE GIRLS on Thursday night after driving back up north

HELLO to Craig arriving on Friday :)

HELLO to dad's Birthday on Saturday...we are hoping he'll be well enough to take him out for lunch

HELLO to a blog hop over at LETTING THE DAYS ROLL's JULIE'S Blogoversary....on Saturday

HELLO to going home on Sunday....I'll be SO ready for it by then!!

Hoping you have some fun things to look forward to this week

Thanks for dropping by!
Take care of you
Alison xx


  1. I hope your dad is fit to enjoy a birthday lunch :)

    We're heading into exam revision season here, so we are grasping at little things to look forward to, like an extra special dinner after an afternoon of work, that kind of thing..

  2. Have a wonderful time. Stay safe and I hope your dad has a wonderful birthday!

  3. Sounds like a perfect week - the pix of your daughter's room made me laugh. Maybe the never do grow up, eh?

  4. Have a great time with your friends. I hope you Dad will be up for going out for a birthday lunch.

  5. wishing your dad a wonderful birthday too - have a lovely time x

  6. Sounds like a busy week ahead. A very happy birthday to your dad, and I really hope he's feeling well on that day especially. I also hope you and your girl had a great time at the wedding this past weekend!

  7. Hope you have a lovely week! I'm saying Hello to a slower schedule this week, a little rest, and some time in my craft room! :>)

  8. I'm saying hello to some sunshine and hopefully a wee bit of writing.

  9. It sounds like a really lovely week, have fun, hope your father is well & return home for a well earned rest.

  10. Sounds like you have lots of great things to say hello to, have fun x


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