Life in the Slow Lane: IT'S COMING!.......

Sunday 10 November 2013

IT'S COMING!.......

.......Christmas, that is!

The signs are slowly making themselves felt around the house:

..Christmas music is playing (you really should download the title track of this album, by the way...and their version of 'Silent Night'...actually the whole album!)

....the newest of my Christmas decorations (most courtesy of kirsty from her American trip, but the wreath was given to me by one of our crafting ladies as an early Christmas present)

Frosty Festivities Event at Jennifer Grace Creates

.....I've been following along with JENNIFER'S FROSTY FESTIVITIES event (some wonderful inspiration there..why not pop over?)

...I've even looked out some of last year's Christmas photos to scrap!

So why am I STILL struggling to accept that Christmas really IS on it's way?......because of THIS:

...the temperature on the terrace at 11am this morning!!

Having spent most of my life in the west of Scotland  then the north east of England, it just doesn't FEEL RIGHT!!

I honestly don't know how all you girls in the Southern hemisphere  cope with Christmas being in the Summer!!...I realise if you're born and brought up there it must seem normal...but even all the movies and songs  (well most of them) portray Christmas being a season of snow and chilly weather!

This will be my fifth Christmas here, and I STILL can't get my head around it...hence the music and crafting; trying to get me 'in the mood'!

Is Christmas rearing its head where you are?

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  1. Our weather has turned downright chilly (highs in the upper 40's, low 50's F) and I've pulled out my holiday planning book. So little signs. Decorations don't come out until after Thanksgiving. I need to do one holiday at a time!

  2. I've been thinking about Christmas gifts & I've almost completed making our Christmas cards, so Christmas is definitely on the way here. The temperatures here have finally cooled, but we still get up to 70s in the day time - perfect weather!

  3. It's definately beginning to feel like christmas here.....the weather has chilled down...the shops are full of 'christmas'......and I've begun my christmas songs are not allowed in my house until December though!!

  4. I'm not feeling very Christmassy yet, despite lots of Christmas sewing! Thanks for the recommendation of the album, I've just ordered it on CD! I love Christmas music, but I try not to put it on until December 1st:)

  5. Well we got most of our Christmas shopping done last week and I've been scrapping Christmas photos and reading a Christmas book on my iPad, but not really feeling too Christmassy yet! It's really a bit too early - I will peak too soon lol! I definitely won't allow Christmas songs in the house until December, nor Christmas DVDs until then too!

  6. I wouldn't be able to get my head around having a hot Christmas either :) xx

  7. My southern friends tell me it is weird it being cold at Christmas so I figure it is what you are used to.

    Not feeling Christmassy yet - need to finish cards tho'

  8. I remember spending a few Christmases in Australia and even with a tree, spending Christmas on a beach felt wrong lol.

    I'm itching for Christmas to arrive so yes little decorations have been turning up in our home too

  9. i have family in Australia and always find it strange when they say they had Christmas Dinner on the beach!!! lol i've just read Sandra's comment!! I need to start my Christmas shopping then it will feel like it's on its way x

  10. I tried a hot Christmas once and it didn't work for me at all! I found my Miracle on 34th Street DVD the other day so we are all ready :-)

  11. I don't have anything Christmassy in the house until at least the 20th December :). But I can see why those temperatures make it hard - sounds lovely, though, as I sit here with layers of thermal and wool on!

  12. I like to 'keep Christmas in December' but this year I have started making stuff in November and bought 4 gifts in October!! I can't imagine a warm Christmas either.

  13. I'm with you on the calendar/thermometer dilemma. I see the calendar and note that there are X days to U.S. Thanksgiving and X-more days until Christmas, but the holidays still creep up on me almost as a surprise because I don't have the cold weather temperatures as an extra cue. Still, the Thanksgiving dinner will appear at the appointed time and I will get the Christmas tree up so we can enjoy it before its obligatory demise on New Year's Eve.

    Here's hoping your temps soon (gently) match the season...

  14. Those look so nice. It's going to be a strange Christmas here this year - because of the trip in January we're not putting up a tree or the bulk of the decorations but I do have all the Christmas CD's out. I bought a new one this year and for the life of me I can't think of her name - you know the Scottish lady who was on Britain's Got Talent. I'm not keen on it so maybe I'll go check out Lady Antebellum's CD. BTW, are you near Barcelona? Might be over there next fall for a cruise.


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