Life in the Slow Lane: HELLO WEEK!

Monday 30 December 2013


This week I'm saying:

HELLO to the last few days of did that happen?!

HELLO to the first few days of did THAT happen?!

HELLO to just Boo and I being here, after having Craig and Kirsty with us for a few days

HELLO to working out the time difference between here and China...that's where Craig flew to yesterday!

HELLO to going out with friends for dinner on New Year's Eve

HELLO to arguing with myself  (again) about whether I should actually be in Scotland is back in hospital, but once he is stabilised they will let him home again...mum is insisting that she and my brothers can cope   (which I know they actually CAN)

HELLO to enjoying the last few days of looking at my Christmas decorations.before they come down at the weekend

HELLO to planning a trip mid-January...and NOT to the UK!

HELLO to wishing you and yours  a peaceful, healthy and happy 2014!

Thanks for dropping by!
Take care of you
Alison xx


  1. Sending you very best wishes as you think about your dad. I know that argument. we've talked about it in the's so hard x

  2. I do hope he's soon home....and you enjoy your New Year's Eve.

  3. Hope your dad is home soon, and I am sure that your brother will be able to help where necessary.
    Enjoy your new year, I'm wondering where that trip is going to be?

  4. Hope you have a lovely week Alison & a happy new year. I'm saying Hello to a week at home, getting back to exercising & planning a trip for mid-January, too.

  5. Hope you dad feels better soon! Darn it! Have a wonderful New Year Alison!

  6. wishing you a wonderful 2014. Decisions about if you need to be there each time are so hard - be kind to yourself.

  7. Sorry to hear your Dad is back in the hospital. I hope it will be a short stay and he'll soon be back home. Hmm, curious as to where you're heading off to. We've got a mid-January trip too.

  8. A mixture of hellos and I'm sorry to hear your dad is in hospital again, I hope his health improves. Happy New Year to you, I hope it's a good one xx

  9. Hello! to you too, and best wishes for 2014. I hope your dad's hospital stay is as short as possible so that he can return home where I'm sure he is most comfortable. Looking forward, too, to hearing about your travel plans--I'm sure wherever you go, whatever you do, you will have a wonderful time.

  10. So sorry to hear your dad is in hospital, and hope he is home again soon. All good wishes for 2014 my friend, I too have a mid January trip planned! Jen x

  11. Sounds like a mix of good and challenges to face this week. I hope you and your family had a lovely Christmas and wishing you a Happy 2014!! ~ Blessings, Tracey

    Garden of Grace

  12. And Happy New Year to you! I'm saying hello to lots of relaxing and family time.

  13. I'm sure Blogger is eating my comments! Anyway, here's to a Happy New Year. x


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