Life in the Slow Lane: THE WEEK THAT WAS

Sunday 23 March 2014


This week has seen me:


funny, though somewhat farcical in parts!


Series 1-3 of DOWNTON ABBEY.....I missed this on TV and was absolutely hooked!..the remaining DVDs are hopefully winging their way here from AMAZON as I type!

SCRAPBOOKING .....please don't faint!......I have had these two photographs printed since Christmas, and decided it was high time to get them on to a layout!!

not great pictures but I wanted to record the fact that Kirsty can't resist a Carousel...even in the rain!

PLAYING ....YES, you've guessed it:

....and have made it to Level 217!

and, most excitingly, BOOKING another a little trip:

.....this time to meet up with Craig for our Wedding Anniversary later this month.

Now I'm looking forward to what this week will bring...hope you are too!

Thanks for dropping by!
Take care of you
Alison xx


  1. Lucky you, still having brand new Downton to watch. Enjoy :o)

  2. Some nice things there in your week:), and a happy occasion to plan for. You'll need lots of rainy days to watch Downton in!

  3. great pages..and like you say you've recorded the occassion, the most important thing. You have a lovely trip to look forward to x

  4. I need to find some time for seems ages since I read a book!!

  5. I wonder is that book similar to a favourite of mine from last year "THE 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out The Window." If it is, I bet I'd like it..must keep an eye out for it. Thanks

  6. I am going to have to do the same and check out Downtown Abbey. I've never seen it and I hear such great things about it! I love, love, love your layout! Way to go! I'm still holding out on Candy Crush.....And if I don't get to wish you a Happy Anniversary trip later on, I hope it is wonderful! Safe travels!

  7. A good week Alison. Loving that you are watching Downton Abbey and super scrap pages x

  8. It looks like you had an amazing week! xx

  9. Reading, scrapbooking & planning a trip all in the same week - perfect!!!

  10. Sounds like a fun week, Alison. I'm thinking about watching Downtown Abbey in the fall when Doug starts his hunting season and is away for chunks of time. I've only ever heard really good things about it.

  11. Lots of interesting things going on in your world. Speaking of breaking the rules, I like the scrapbook page of Kirsty and the carousel--it's nice to be able to do the unexpected from time to time, and she's lucky enough to have a Mom who takes the time to record the moment.

  12. I'm hooked on Downton Abbey too. In fact, most of my DVD collection that I watch again and again is British television. Great page - I firmly believe that any photo that brings back a memory or makes us smile is good for scrapping.

  13. I'm hooked on Downton Abbey too and was disappointed to find out that season 4 would be on while we were away. I'm hoping they rerun it but I may just have to buy the DVDs to go with the 3 seasons I have. Sounds like you had a fun week and even got in some scrapbooking. :)

  14. Love your layouts! And exciting to be booking another trip - hope you have a fun time with Craig.

  15. Another trip ~ how lovely!


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