Life in the Slow Lane: THE RAIN IN SPAIN

Sunday 6 April 2014


Firstly, thank you for all your good wishes re the lurgy...I am pleased to report that I am feeling tons better than I was...hopefully normal service will resume this week!

As you know, we don't get an awful lot of rain in this part of Spain...and when it rains it really does tend to POUR!

Mostly, we are relieved when the rain DOES  come gives the countryside  (not to mention the gardens) such a boost.

However, sometimes (usually about twice a year) we have a downpour-in itself no bad thing; the problem being that the clouds have picked up what appears to be most of the Sahara Desert and then dumps it on us!

I know that the UK has been badly affected by the Saharan dust this week too, but I thought you might like to see how it manifested itself here

the pool is full of it!

the car is covered in it

and I'm fighting a constant battle with hose and broom to try and clean the terraces!

Having seen the amount that was deposited here, I was quite amazed there was anything left to  such a pollution problem elsewhere!

I was however,inspired to make a layout about it (and you know THAT doesn't happen often these days!).

When visiting my friend DEBBIE's blog during the week, I saw this sketch from LET'S GET SKETCHY

Here's my take on it:

I hope the air quality hasn't affected you too much this weekend and that the sun has shone wherever you are..even if just for a little while!

Thanks for dropping by!
Take care of you
Alison xx


  1. I'd never thought of dust storms affecting you in Spain. Glad it happens so infrequently and I'm glad to hear you're feeling better.

  2. There must be tons of the stuff.....because it's doing the same thing here!!

  3. Look like you had a lot more sand than I did1 Great layout and it's good to hear you're feeling better xx

  4. Yup! We've had some too. Pleased to hear you are feeling better - just in time to wash that car and sweep those patios ;-)

  5. We are just starting to get our rain here, and it will be a test to see if the roof leak caused by ice a month ago has been thoroughly mended. Let's hope so, because then the inside drywall need fixing. I don't have to fight sand, but our screened porch does seem to collect dust and pollen, especially when we mow the yard. A fun page you have scrapped, I like how the clouds tie into the journal card.

  6. Hi! Sorry you've been poorly, but glad you're on the mend.
    Yes, we've had plenty of that dusty rain here too. And the atmosphere in Eastern England has been terrible - like a smog hanging over us, especially in the mornings when it's cooler and damp. I have asthma, so does my mum, so the pair of us have been coughing and spluttering - her especially. It kind of glues your eyelids together overnight, so you can't see when you wake up. And the car is all gritty & bitty. And the windows are dirty.
    But it's improved over the weekend and all is returning to normal now - just damp and drizzly!

    I have a friend in Cyprus, who says they get the tail-end of the Shamal in the spring. It covers everything in red dust for several days. Nobody cleans their swimming pool after the winter, until the Shamal has been - likewise their windows! So, I suppose it's only right that we get our turn for a change (though I don't know the name of the wind that carried our dust to Spain and UK).

    Hope all is soon cleaned up and that you are better very soon too. X

  7. Now that's a great little moment to scrapbook. I wish I had thought of it...before I washed all the sand off our cars yesterday! It' was fascinating, in a weird way, to see that sand and wonder about how far it had travelled

  8. So sorry for the mess and trouble the sand has caused, but your title made me laugh--thank you very much! Continue to feel better, Alison--we need your smiling face in the blogosphere.

  9. That's a lot of sand!! Good idea to scrap the story.

  10. that's a new one on me! We don't get sand with our rain, thank goodness, because we have had a LOT of rain lately!

  11. Catching up with you today. So glad to read that you are feeling better, at least you had some furry company... Yes we had the sand. I am always intrigued about anything like that, so many miles it travelled. Husband took his car to be cleaned. I left mine until the next day when we had some clean rain!

  12. Great that you have been able to turn a problem into something so pretty! We have even had it up here at over 1000 feet for a couple of days ...

  13. Lovely to see a page from you - and what a great topic. We've got dirty cars and dirty windows but what's new?!?!?

  14. A true scrapper :) great that you made a lovely page from a yucky situation


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