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Friday 25 July 2014


It's been a few weeks since I took part in HELANA'S weekly photographic meme, but I am actually organised this week!...though, as it has turned out STILL late in posting!!


You may remember me mentioning a few weeks ago that our local Charity had opened a small hospice facility at a place called is high in the mountains about 10km from here and this is the  view down to the coast at DENIA


What you DON'T see in the above photograph is the huge wall surrounding Fontilles:

The reason for the wall is that Fontilles was actually built as a Leper Colony and Research Facility for the disease. The wall was built as a reassurance to the local villages, as opposed to keeping the patients in. There are still about four ex-patients in the facility, who live in apartments onsite (they had nowhere to go when the facility was no longer needed for that purpose)

There is still a Research Dept there...researching Tropical and all sorts of other diseases.....and the hospitals are now used to serve the local community. There is a Dementia/Alzheimer's hospital and then the main hospital is used for people who need a temporary stay in hospital for postoperative periods, convalescence from illness, chronic conditions, rehabilitation after orthopedic surgery etc. but is also 'home' to many long-term patients, sent there by Social Services when there is no family support available or conditions are too chronic to be dealt with outwith a hospital.

I have become very attached to it during the short period of time we have been involved .....the level of care is exceptional, it is spotlessly clean (and nasty smell-free!) and there is just such an air of tranquility each time I visit.

I realise this has been quite long for a ZIZO, but thought some of you might find a little bit of local history interesting!

Wishing you all a happy and sunshine filled weekend!

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  1. I am told by people who have had cause to use it that the Spanish health service is just about the best in europe.

  2. The history is fascinating, and the countryside is gorgeous!

  3. An interesting read and a beautiful view

  4. A beautiful view, whether zoomed in or out. And thanks for sharing the history of the place. I'm glad its turned out to be such a beneficial place in its new circumstances, and I'm sure many of its patients are comforted and inspired by their surroundings.

  5. Amazing history and lovely photos Alison

  6. What an interesting blog post. I always enjoy seeing the scenery around you, but to also know a bit about the history and it's present is fascinating

  7. An educational ZIZO! Thanks Alison ... have you read Victoria Hislop's book The Island I think it is ... about a leper colony off the Greek coast ...very good!

  8. Great shots for ZIZO & such an interesting read today! TFS

  9. What an interesting zizo and what a beautiful view even with the wall.


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