Life in the Slow Lane: ME ON MONDAY

Tuesday 14 October 2014


Today was haircut day....I decided to try something new, but I'm not sure?!


The weekend? was a watching FROZEN (twice!!), which led to downloading the soundtrack and dancing round the kitchen to 'LET IT GO' ,which led to thinking that it's just as well it's just me and Boo here at the moment!!

It was finishing the book I bought at the airport last week(DAUGHTER by Jane good!).

It was planting some new bedding plants

.... and unfortunately it was spending the best part of Sunday afternoon at the local hospital , after MY LITTLE OLD LADY had a nasty fall....she was discharged today ( they don't keep you in hospital long here) but we have arranged for her to go and spend a few days in FONTILLES until she gets her strength back.

*ME ON MONDAY is the brainchild of SIAN, at whom I'm frantically waving!

Wishing you all a week filled with good things!

Thanks for dropping by!
Take care of you
Alison xx


  1. Hair looks fab! I'm looking for my next book, I'll have a look at the one you've just finished.

  2. love your new hair style and dancing round to frozen song sounds lots of fun

  3. Hey Alison! waving right back!

    I think your hair looks gorgeous.

    I'm sending best wishes to you and your little old lady for a great fall-free week

  4. I love the haircut! Hope your little old lady is soon on the road to recovery. And I must get a copy of Frozen for myself!

  5. Whit woo, hairs looking good hun.
    I like to look up different versions of let it go, such as the muppet voiced one, & the one with the disney voices, oh & course theres the Moms version :D

  6. Love the haircut! Having three boys its hard to watch princes movies, but Frozen is one they actually like.

  7. I think your hairstyle really suits you. It's good to try something new. I hope your friend makes a full recovery

  8. Love the new hair cut and hope your friend feels better soon.

  9. Oh YES that hair cut is fabulous! I checked out Frozen from the library several weeks back because my nieces were talking about it - such a FUN movie, we both enjoyed it here!

  10. Oh I like your new cut. And my best to your fallen friend too.

  11. Your hair looks lovely and I hope your "little old lady" makes a speedy recovery. I really must get round to watching Frozen.

  12. The new 'do suits you. And kudos to you for helping your elderly friend--you are like a guardian angel to her.

  13. I like the new 'do! I hope your friend has recovered by now. So great that she has you nearby.

  14. Finally catching up, I love the hair!!! Hope your friend is fully recovered and doing well.


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