Life in the Slow Lane: WAVING ON TUESDAY

Tuesday 31 March 2015


I know that most of SIAN's 'wavers' will have done so yesterday, but here I am late as is often the case!

After a week of horrendously wet, windy and cold weather the sun has come back with a vengeance .....and not only have I changed the nail polish on my toes to a Summer pink...said toes also had their first dip in the pool.

Believe me, no other body part followed, as although the temperature on the terrace was about 30 degrees, the pool was FREEZING!

The weekend?.......I've had a house full of people-not only are Kirsty and the boyfriend still here, but Craig arrived too, as it was our Wedding Anniversary on Sunday. Needless to say this resulted in enjoying a weekend of too much eating and drinking - well, one does have to celebrate 35 years of marriage!

Kirsty and the boyfriend ( his name is Craig too would you believe, so when I'm talking about him i call him 'the boyfriend' to avoid confusion with MY Craig!!) are leaving on Friday, so next weekend will see me getting my house back to 'normal' I think!

If you pop over to Sian's blog HERE you will see who else has waved this week.

Wishing you all a good week....I have heard rumours of snow in the UK- hope it doesn't affect you too badly!

thanks for dropping by!
Take care of you
Alison xx


  1. Happy Anniversary! The pool at our gym opens up next week. The pool will be warm, but there's no way I'd get out of it once I was in! It will be a couple of months before my toes touch the pool in Rochester!

  2. I think your wet weather has moved across to us. We've had horrendous rain and wind today. No snow though thankfully. hope you had a lovely anniversay x

  3. How lovely to have all the family there. Happy anniversary!
    No snow here, but heavy rain and really powerful wind one minute and sunny spells the next.I'll swap our weather for yours please!

  4. Happy Anniversary - wow 35 years. Hope the pool warms up sufficiently for a dip soon x

  5. Happy Anniversary, 35 years together is certainly something to celebrate. Cheers. No snow here and no heat either!

  6. Happy Anniversary.
    We actually have some sunny weather in south east England....not exactly warm though!!

  7. No snow here, thank goodness, but nothing close to your temps of course. Happy Anniversary to you both. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  8. It's a pleasure to give you a wave on any day of the week Alison!

    It's been freezing here..typical first week of the Easter school holidays weather. You can imagine..

    Happy Anniversary!

  9. We've got a lovely day with sunshine and 70's today. (Rain tomorrow, alas.) But I'll have to wave with my hands, because I've thought about summer colors for my tootsies, but haven't gotten that done! ;-)

  10. Oh, and Happy Anniversary!

  11. It's been such a hugely busy week here that I haven't visited anyone on Monday or Tuesday! So this is just as timely. Your toes look happy!

  12. I am late arriving, but wishing you a very happy Anniversary! How lovely to have one's loved ones together - especially when the sun decides to shine. The pool may be freezing but at least your toes aren't blue as mine would be were I to try that here :).

  13. Very late in visiting! Happy anniversary - glad you had a nice weekend. How confusing that you have two Craig's in the house! Hope you are having a nice Easter and that the weather is still being kind :)

  14. A belated happy anniversary, sounds like you had a lovely weekend x

  15. Belated Happy Anniversary - yes 35 years does need some celebrating. So great you could all be together for it.


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