Life in the Slow Lane: MONDAY MEMORANDUM

Monday 18 April 2016


It's time to check in with SIAN and her merry band of 'Monday-ers' before yet another Monday has passed me by.

No 'firsts' this weekend.....all 'repeats': a hospital visit to check on some friends,another trip to a Garden Centre to buy this little lot:

.....then of course I spent some time planting them! 

Sunday saw me a Street Market in a neighbouring village, helping run a Book Stall for JVH (the Charity with which I'm involved):

....followed by a rather nice dinner with friends!

What did I learn?......that sometimes it's worth paying someone with the right tools to do a job!...I have been snipping away at a Honeysuckle which was well past it's 'sell by' date with my secateurs for about a month, and was getting of the local lads got rid of the thing in less than an hour with some sort of electrical implement!!

Enjoy your week my friends!

Thanks for dropping by!
Take care of you
Alison xx



  1. Good to see you thriving in your lovely part of the world, Alison. And a very good cause you were selling books for. I smiled at the honeysuckle lesson! Hoping you and your plants enjoy each other's company this week.

  2. we got someone in to do some much needed pruning, what would have taken us all year took them a day!

  3. a good lesson I need to remember most often - have a lovely week and enjoy your sunshine

  4. That's a great lesson. Sometimes getting someone else onto a job is the best thing to do. Hoping you have a great week Alison

  5. Oh yes the right tools for the job make all the difference & I like the idea of hiring someone to do some things. I cannot wait to spend some time in a garden centre choosing plants. Looking forward to seeing photos of your completed garden :) Happy week ahead.

  6. That looks like a really lovely weekend with great weather! Have a good week xx

  7. I'm rarely allowed out unaccompanied with a pair of secateurs as once I start pruning, I tend to get a little carried away! You should have called for me!

  8. I'm all for letting the experts, well at least the experienced, tackle the job sometimes. I hope you are having fabulous gardening weather.

  9. Oh, a book stall sounds like a great place to spend a day!

  10. Sounds like it was a wise idea getting someone in to do the job. We're learning that a lot lately now that J has arthritis in the hips and spine.


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