Life in the Slow Lane: Another pound!

Thursday 21 April 2011

Another pound!

Weigh-in day again...and another pound down. I  know that doesn't sound much, but given that I didn't actually feel that I'd lost anything at all, I am well pleased.

 Although not a Bank Holiday, as tomorrow and Monday are, today is classed as a 'Holy Day' and as such is taken as a holiday by many businesses. Easter is still very much a religious holiday is called 'SEMANA SANTA' (literally 'the week of saints'). There is a Mass every night in the local Church, accompanied by much bell-ringing!  

When we came here at first, absolutely  no-one was allowed to work on such days, but  the fact that so many businesses have actually opened today, is yet another sign that things are changing here in Spain. The older generation would happily keep things as they have always been, but the pressure has come from the younger generations...and by the tourist business. Like many places, the area where we live relies heavily on the tourist trade- and that's not as vigourous as it once was- so shops and restaurants have to make the most of busier weekends, such as Easter.

I also have to report that you are having better weather in the UK, than we are here! It's been raining here for most of the day, though not particularly cold.....not what people have come to Spain for, though.

                                              Thursday 4/21/2011
                                           High Temperature19°C
                                              RealFeel: 14°C                        

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  1. Weather has been miserable here in South Africa too, overcast, rainy and extremely windy. I hope you have a lovely Easter.

  2. Happy Easter Alison, here it's basically the same situation with the hospitality industries open most public holidays but I do hope we can keep Good Friday sacred, for the other "uneccessary" businesses at least :)Congrats on your weight loss! We are having gloomy weather here too & it's just making me EAT!!

  3. Hope you have a lovely Easter. We have been blessed with 4 glorious warm spring days so am hoping it lasts for the days I have off work. Well done on the weight loss - slow and steady is most successful I find. Jen x

  4. It does seem strange that we are having wall to wall sunshine and you have our rain ... I am sure the tables will soon turn!
    Well done on the weight loss. Just put something that weighs the same amount that you have lost into a carrier bag and every now and again, pick the bag up. A pound every now and again soon adds up to the equivalent of a bag of potatoes! Better still, look at what a pound of butter looks like, that's how much you lost!!!

  5. congrats on the weight loss!

  6. Congrats on the weight loss ... slow and steady wins the race! (especially if you have to cook/eat out more for/with your visitors)

    Hoping the weather in Spain picks up soon - I want sunshine for my holiday photos of Barcelona!!!!

  7. The weather certainly seems to have gone in the South East it's hotter than it was last August!!!!

  8. It's certainly lovely here today - we are planning for a BBQ later. But that's pretty unusual for the time of year. I hope the weather picks up for you over the weekend

  9. A HUGE Congrats on the loss! I know how hard it is! I've lostover 50lbs in the last 9 months or so and I'm still working on it. Have been static for a while, but need to make another run at it! Keep doing it little by little!

  10. Well done on the weight loss. It's not easy (anyone who said it is, has never really had to lose weight!), but losing it slowly and steadily is much more successful in the long-run, than a big "crash diet", which upsets your whole metabolic system and makes you put on even more when you go "back to normal" - which you inevitably do after a crash diet!
    I hope your weather is nice at the weekend anyway. We are threatened with thunder-storms some time this weekend. We could certainly do with some rain - though I think we'd all prefer that it didn't all pour down at once, but came in pleasant night-time showers... fingers crossed... It has certainly been extremely warm here the last couple of days; sudden increases in temperature upset my asthma, as I don't have time to acclimatise. Could do with a shower to freshen the air!

  11. Congratulations! I've found weight loss to be a slow process, but worth it when I can see some gradual changes.

    Please send some rain to Texas!


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