Life in the Slow Lane: U.S. Trip 2008- Madonna Inn

Friday 22 April 2011

U.S. Trip 2008- Madonna Inn

Journalling reads:

We picked Kirsty up from San Francisco airport and drove down to L.A., stopping the night at the quirky Madonna Inn.....I have never seen anything so OTT- it was like Disney on drugs!

It really was the most quirky hotel we had ever been to! We were told about it, by a gentleman we sat beside on the flight over to the US. We checked the website and decided we just HAD  to stop there, as it was on our way to Los Angeles! We booked the 'Safari Room', as seen above.
The unfortunate thing was that, as Kirsty had just arrived, by the time we got there she collapsed and slept right through till the next morning, thus missing having a good nosey around!

NOTE: I have used BBfs Prompt 4 here, and have made my pictures bigger by adapting my Blogger Template...would appreciate any feedback, as I'm not too sure of it!

Happy Easter to you all- and enjoy whatever you are planning.

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Alison xx


  1. I really like the size of the 2-page layout photo. What a fun memory and your choice of papers for this layout are perfect with the photos!

  2. I love this LO - its really fun and catches the spirit of the place really well. I like the double page spread photo size.

  3. Hilarious Alison! What a hoot!! Sounds like a blast!!! I prefer the pictures bigger so that I can haver a good ol' nosey around the layouts & photographs but not sure why you had to adjust your template. I thought Blogger made everyone change over to the New Template & with that you just choose original size, large or XL so most of the time I chose XL.

  4. I know what you mean! Everyone says they like my bigger size - it's me who is finding it hard to get used to!

    San Luis Obispo is somewhere I have wanted to see since I read the Kinsey Milhone detective books.

    Happy Easter Alison

  5. Wonderful layout and I really like the bigger photos. I have started using bigger photos on my blog too - I wasn't sure, but I am slowly getting used to them! I do like to be able to see other peoples' work in more detail in the blog post and not have to click on every photo to look at it in more detail. I still do this occasionally of course!

  6. a fan of the bigger photo too.


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