Life in the Slow Lane: EASTER SUNDAY

Sunday 24 April 2011


It's been another mixed day, weatherwise, here. This has caused problems-mainly in the laundry dept! DD arrived home on Friday, with a friend and three loads of washing in tow!

 On top of that, there are now seven of us sleeping, eating, showering etc. here. Because there is a distinct lack of sun and heat, the seven towels are not drying at any great rate.....add to that the said DD's washing- and we have the equivalent of a Chinese laundry! 

Did I mention that there are SEVEN of us?! Did I mention that we only have three bedrooms, and that DD and friend are having to sleep on the sofas( DD having kindly given up her room to mum's friend)?.... and that means not only is the associated bedding that goes with 'camping' lying around, but also that DH and I are having to get up early to let them move into OUR room, so that the rest of us have somewhere to sit - while the two Sleeping Beauties dream on!


On the up side, DD made these delicious Easter nests

and, even though none of these are mine

I'm hoping that a little bit of at least one of them, might come my way!

I hope you've all had a lovely day...and a much sunnier, warmer one than we have.

Thanks for dropping by!
Take care of you
Alison xx


  1. I'm sure you'll get some of them....and I hate to gloat, but yes, we've had a hot, sunny day!!

  2. I'm sure you are coping wonderfully and ditto Jacky, we are enjoying lovely weather here!

  3. Happy Easter Alison - sounds like you are busy!! Chocolate is good in moments of stress.

  4. Happy Easter - hoping to bring you some of the UK's sunshine in the next few days!

  5. Hope you got some of the chocolate and that the sun has come out for you. It is so sunny here in Essex! All my washing has dried on the line for the past three days, which is really unbelievable and we sat in the garden in t-shirts at my Mum's yesterday for the whole afternoon! Hope that you are coping ok with so many guests - I'm guessing you might actually miss them once they are all gone - but then again!

  6. I hope the sun comes out for you today - getting washing dried is a pain in the wet weather. Did a chocoalte overload calm the frazzled nerves?

  7. Hopefully someone offered you some chocolate! Noone here has offered me any!!!

  8. Deep breaths Alison - i feel for you. You'll probably get the good weather next week when ours breaks and then we'll be jealous :0)

  9. Oh goodness Alison! No wonder you can't do my challenge lol...Wow, I hope you manage to keep your cool & hopefully now that your dear daughter & friend have gone back to Barca things will be a little more many weeks do you have left LOL?!


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