Life in the Slow Lane: In the Doghouse

Saturday 9 April 2011

In the Doghouse

There I was, a couple of hours ago, deadheading some flowers when I heard a voice (my neighbour's ) saying 'what are you doing out here Boo?' in a rather surprised voice. I turned to see said neighbour and her husband passing my OPEN gate! As I went to investigate, I saw a little flash of white streak past amount of coaxing would bring her running back to me, and she headed off up the road/lane. 

 This is of course, not a flat, level road but a steep, winding ,stony 'road' leading halfway up a mountain...keeping up was almost impossible. It dawned on me that I had forgotten to put her collar on this morning, so panic set in as I realised that if she got lost she had no ID. Eventually I had to give up and decided to go back and get the car, hoping that I could follow the road right to it's end that way and catch up with her.

When I DID get to the top of the road ,imagine my horror to discover it just stopped and turned into a little lane where no cars could get through. Totally distraught, I drove back down...and who should be trotting down the road with another lady and her little dog, but Boo! It was like finding a lost child...I didn't know whether to cry with relief or anger! I scolded her all the way home, but....

does this look like one repentant dog? I don't think so!

Now I do realise that it was my fault the gate was open, as I had forgotten to lock it earlier in the day and it had obviously blown open (it doesn't take much-that's why I keep it locked!) .It was also my fault she didn't have her collar on, so maybe it's me who should be in the doghouse? 

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Take care of you
Alison xx 


  1. So glad this had a happy ending!

  2. Aaah Alison how can you be cross with that dear creature?! Don't blame yourself either - these things happen & all's well that ends well - enjoy your Sunday!

  3. Oh, no!! I'm so glad she was OK though... xx

  4. Phew - glad she's home safe of you have had some explaining to do to your DD!

  5. Oh, I can just imagine how you were feeling. Glad this story had a happy ending!


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