Life in the Slow Lane: U.S. Trip 2008

Friday 8 April 2011

U.S. Trip 2008

  After reading  Mel's post on her upcoming trip to LA, I started thinking about my own trips to the USA and remembered that I had started to make an album of a trip we made in 2008.

 DH had just been made redundant, and had six weeks 'vacation'  between finishing up and starting his new job. We both love to travel, and DH had always had a hankering to do some driving through America; we reckoned we wouldn't have this opportunity again for quite some time, and decided to plan a trip!

We decided that we would like to use our trip to catch up with friends and colleagues we hadn't seen for some years, and that led us to plan our trip round the south west corner of the States. I LOVE planning trips, so was in my element checking hotels and private homes where we could stay during each stop on our itinerary.

Eventually , we set off...flying from London to San Francisco. Our first stop was San Jose, where the HQ of the Company that DH had worked for was based. He had a few things to finalise there, and it gave him a chance to say goodbye to people he had worked with for a few years.

We stayed in a hotel we had stayed at on previous visits -and which is a particular favourite of mine.

I'll continue this travel tale in other posts, especially now I've got the album back out and intend to try and get it completed!

This will be the first LO in my album

I used Shimelle's sketch from her 4x6 Photo Love class. I also used it for a challenge over at Scrap-friendzy, where you had to use something musical on your page( my title is a song-title...have some of you 'young ones' even heard of THE MAMAS &THE PAPAS?)

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Take care of you
Alison xx


  1. California Dreaming is one of the songs we've had going round our heads since this trip became possible!! Lovely to hear about your own trip Alison, I look forward to the next instalment :-)

  2. it's a beauty!!
    Have a nice weekend Alison!
    Never been in the US...maybe one day!

  3. Love the title....and the way you've lined the photos up..sounds like a great trip.

  4. Love this layout, Alison, and your title is so fitting. (Thanks a lot, now I have that song stuck in my head!)

    I grew up in California, and I just love San Francisco. Looking forward to hearing more about your American travels and the other places you visited while you were here! xo

  5. Oh I look forward to you SF layouts! Thanks for your post this morning :)

  6. I'm not so young, so yes I have!

    I'm looking forward to hearing more about your travels - you write a good story :) (And scrap a great page!)


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