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Sunday 17 April 2011

Well, I have survived Day 1 of the madness that arrives with my parents! We actually had a really pleasant day( why do I get myself tied in knots , thinking it will be otherwise?)

Dad uses an electric scooter while he's here, as his mobility isn't great ,so  the first job was to  get the batteries charged for that. Once we were certain it was ready, we headed off to the 'seaside'. We took Boo with us, as she likes a walk along the 'prom' too...there are always lots of other doggies to sniff and bark at!  

We had some lunch, sitting in the sun and then, Boo having lain under the table like a very good doggy, thought we'd better walk a bit with her. Off we set, DH walking with Boo as I (naturally!) was in charge of the camera. Next thing I knew I turned round too see this:

......the lazy little devil had hitched a ride with dad! She even did her socialising from there

So much for her enjoying a walk along the prom!

When we got back home, everyone settled with their books and dad got his first dip in the (much too cold for me!) pool.

I managed to get this LO done for a Challenge over at scrap-friendzy- the challenge was to use the colours from your favourite Easter candy/chocolate. As mine are the little Lindor eggs, I used red and white for it

Am looking forward to stopping by Mel's bloghop later, to see what everyone's come up with!

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Alison xx


  1. Survived? Looks like you had a lovely time! Had to laugh at Boo though - smart dog!

  2. What a crafty little thing that Boo is! Love they way she stays on the scooter even when meeting up with other dogs. Cheeky!

  3. rofl at Boo!! That's brilliant :-) So pleased you had a good time xx And the chocoholic in me recognised the chocolate from just the colours on your lovely layout....!

    PS Thanks for the mention :-)

  4. Glad the visit is going well! I like the red in that layout, too.

  5. rofl at Boo! Love your the layout too. I live across the sea from my parents too, though not so far as you do. Jen x

  6. thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. your life sounds so intersting in spain xxx

  7. I love your layout - the colours are just right for the Lindor eggs! Boo looks right at home on the scooter - the photo really made me laugh!

  8. What a clever little dog :) love your LO too, the colours work really well :)

  9. I laughed so much at those photos of Boo hitching a ride. :) Brilliant.


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