Life in the Slow Lane: Five in Five

Monday 30 May 2011

Five in Five

AMY has thrown down the gauntlet again...

 'it isn't scary.' she said... 'You don't even need to make a page.' she said..' This week, if you are game, grab your camera and take five photos (that might be the hard part ;-)) of things that you know won't be around in another five years time..' she said!

I have chosen five things that I sincerely hope will have changed in five years:

This tree HAS to blocks the view over the valley! 

Our PC is running through an old laptop, at the moment- it DEFINATELY won't last five years!

This space above DD's wardrobes WILL be a cupboard!

The terrace around the pool will be re-tiled and not have eyesores like this on it!

DH is sure he will use this pile of stones...if he hasn't done so LONG BEFORE five years is up, I may be tempted to start throwing them at him!!

There have been various takes on the challenge, and if you go over to Amy's Blog tomorrow, you should find a link and be able to go have a look  at them all

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  1. I think I have cupboard tops that look like that!!!!

  2. Great perspective on things that will be gone. I agree, that tree is blocking the view - gotta go! :>)

  3. Well done on the Five to Go - I don't dare do this sort of post in case they're all still here in 5 years! Procrastination takes practice you know!! :P

  4. The hardest part for me was limiting the post to five photos, but we are in the ,iddle of a renovation so that is to be understood I suppose! The tree does look like it is blocking a lovely view ... the pool still looks very nice though!

  5. That's a good list to get working on. The cupboard especially seems like a great plan!

  6. Aha finally I have resolved my browser issues & can comment using google chrome! What a clever idea for a challenge - I hope I will be reading your blog in 5 years time & watch the changes as they happen - if it's anywhere like here there getting people to come & chop down the tree etc will be the challenge...perhaps it's the humidity but laziness is a huge issue here!

  7. Isn't it funny how a lot of us have looked at things they would like to change/improve?! Hope that you get everything done!

  8. lol at your last caption! I do hope these things are gone well within the 5 years :)

  9. Sounds like with this list the pool area will be even more enjoyable in five hope you don't have to throw any stones!

  10. There seems to be a trend, in renovating, fixing up through a lot of the posts. Nice work.


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