Life in the Slow Lane: "I'm bored mumsy, I'm bored!"

Wednesday 11 May 2011

"I'm bored mumsy, I'm bored!"

So was the plaintive cry from DD, by yesterday afternoon! She was bored of reading, she was bored of lying in the sun, she was bored of talking to friends on skype , she was bored of window shopping online...she was bored with everything

'When I was little, you used to entertain me when I was you just ignore me and play with bits of paper!' (I was trying to get some scrapping done at the time!). When DD gets like this, she goes on and on and on, until you I eventually have to stop what I'm doing and 'come up with a plan'. 

'What about if we drive to the coast and go for ice-cream?' I suggested...and before I knew it, we were all in the car-Boo included (she's very fond of ice-cream), heading towards a little coastal town called Moraira.

I was VERY good and had two scoops of ice-cream, which I shared with Boo

Strawberry and vanilla-my favourites!

whilst the others indulged themselves with ice-cream sundaes..which they didn't share with Boo!

Just little ice-creams for mum and dad

'Don't you get lots of photo-ops when I'm here mum?'

It was very pleasant sitting in the sun, watching the world go actually felt as if I really was living life in the slow lane, for the first time in weeks! 

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Alison xx


  1. It looks like you all enjoyed the treat - Boo included :)

  2. The ice cream looks scrummy....the things we do for our kids!!!!

  3. Those ice creams look delicious and I don't even like ice cream! :) Sounds like you had a wonderful bit of slow living

  4. lol Kids eh, how do they manage to get us to do these things no matter how old they are. Ice-cream does look nice though.

  5. Funny how the promise of an ice cream can pacify a child - no matter how old that 'child' may be. Those look rather delicious ice creams!

  6. Gosh your mum & dad sure can eat LOL! What giant ice-creams :) Both my DD's are like yours & nag until I stop & take them somewhere - glad it's not just me!!

  7. well done you, those ice cream sundaes looked very tempting!

  8. Looks delicious - I think children remain children until they have some themselves! Glad you enjoyed the slow lane for a while; hope that some sanity was restored.

  9. Mmm, I really want some ice cream now. :)

  10. you were very restrained when those amazing sundaes were on offer

    sounds like a lovely way to spend a few hours and relax

  11. I'd really, really like an ice cream now, too. Mint choc chip, I think.

    A nice way to remind us of the pleasures of a bit of spontaneous fun.

  12. I posted yesterday before Blogger went bad - so am now revisiting all the places again :o(

    Great looking ice-creams, which hopefully restored sanity, patience and perked everyone up!

  13. Oh wow - so proud of you for only have two scoops instead of one of those life-size things! Of course, I would have split one of those with you if I'd been there! :>)

  14. What a lovely way to spend an afternoon! :o)


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