Life in the Slow Lane: Introducing Bouffle

Thursday 19 May 2011

Introducing Bouffle

Whilst at the (very wet) local charity Spring Fair on Sunday, mum and I were accosted (as you are at these events) by the very nice lady, whose job it was to get you to sign up to 'name the teddy'. Mum chose two  names, as did I and off we went buying raffle tickets, cakes, tombola tickets etc.(as you do at these events).

Given that I very rarely almost never win anything, be it in raffles, competitions or whatever, imagine my shock when later in the day I checked the answering machine only to find a message, saying that I had won the teddy. At this point I must confess that I had no idea which two names I had picked, so she ( she is very obviously a 'she', as you will see) was known as 'Teddy'- I have never been inventive with 'toy' names, as DD would confirm!- until I went to pick her up. It was then that I was told the name I had chosen correctly, was 'BOUFFLE'. I can tell you that I would NEVER have thought of naming either of the children's teddies anything so original- maybe that's why it jumped out at me?

Bouffle has taken a few days to track down, but she eventually arrived at the branch of the shop in our village this morning, where I picked her up and she is now ensconced in a very comfortable chair in our Naya. Boo was very excited when she was introduced...she seemed to think the Bouffle had come to be eaten ...she was soon put right about that!

With no more ado, meet Bouffle

As you can see, she is a Scottish bear, with her little tartan skirt and bow, so everyone thinks it's very appropriate she came to a Scottish home!

Now I have my 'story-to-scrap' for Amy .

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Take care of you
Alison xx

P.S. A measly half pound off this week!....but at least it's off and not on (am trying to be positive!)


  1. What a great story - and it's so fun to win something unexpectently! And such a cute bear.

  2. Doesn't it cheer you up when you win something unexpectedly. Well done on continuing to lose, no matter the amount :-)

  3. Isn't she lovely :) well done for winning her (and with the weight loss too) xx

  4. Bouffle already looks very at home. Love her little outfit.

  5. Congrats! I'm sure I have never heard that name/word :) She is very pretty.

  6. Oooh, that's a good story - much more exciting than my photos of the kids antibiotics! Looking forward to seeing your page now :-)

  7. Lovely story Alison! And little bears always tell you their name - so that is why you picked it! She is delightful and I love you LO. Well done on the weight loss! Slow and steady is most effective. J x

  8. Aaaw hello Bouffle! Aren't you adorable?!! Congrats on your win Alison - sure Bouffle will serve you well as a faithful friend - as long as she doesn't get eaten first!


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