Life in the Slow Lane: Did I say............

Wednesday 22 June 2011

Did I say............

.....'Girls, that sun is very hot'? (Reply: 'Yes mum')
.....'Girls, there is plenty of sunscreen'? ( Reply: 'We've got plenty on')

.....' Daughter dear, do you remember last time you were home and lay out you got burned'? 
(Reply:' Yes mum, but I'll be careful this time')
.....'Girls, I think it's time you went into  the shade'? (Reply: 'Not yet, we're fine')
.....'Girls, I really think it's time you got out of the sun'? (Reply: 'Mmmmm')

By late afternoon I realised the girls had indeed gone indoors...and I'm certain you can guess what they looked like (I was banned from taking a pic)....they were scarlet and sore. Let's remember both are 21years old and both know how they react to the sun, but yet always seem to think that 'this time' will be different!

To crown it all, when I said I had warned them on more than one occasion, DD informed me that it really was my fault, as I had let them fall asleep!! (I confess that at that point I had actually fallen asleep myself, but in the shade in another part of the garden!).

Anyway, today they have been much more sensible, so hopefully there won't be so much moaning and groaning as their bodies hit the beds tonight!

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Take care of you
Alison xx


  1. This sounds like a rather familiar tale!!!

  2. Ooppppss, hopefully they're not too sore

  3. Sounds painful - we all hate to admit it but Mum usually knows best!

  4. Oh, dear.... If only our children would learn from our experience and not their own!

  5. Sunburn is so painful - I hope they are both better soon and listen to your advice next time!

  6. Girls will be girls!! My DD is just the same :) Can't live with them - can't live without them!!

  7. Oooh, I'm wincing as I read..

  8. Your post did make me smile. I hate getting sunburnt and often sit in the shade when others are in the pool or sunseeking. I'd rather be pale and interesting than burnt to a crisp and miserable with the pain!
    Well done too with your weight loss - way to go! All the choc & irnbru is way too handy now i am home for the birth! Drread to see what my weight will be after the baby!

  9. My daughter is EXACTLY the same, every year. I think it's because us Brits get scared the sun won't be out again tomorrow so have to make the most of it while it is there! But how painful! Keep the aftersun in the fridge, it makes it deliciously cool to put on tender shoulders.

  10. Oh dear - sounds familiar. DH is the worst for applying sun-tan protection and red/white is so NOT a good look! But it sounds like your DD is telling you what I learned a LONG time ago ... EVERYthing is my fault! :-P

  11. Ah yes, this sounds very familiar!!! {Confession: I was the same way when I was 21...}


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