Life in the Slow Lane: Very Short Post!

Friday 24 June 2011

Very Short Post!

After my ten days away, doing more eating and drinking (one has to be sociable!), I went to WeightWatchers yesterday, with everything crossed!

I was delighted to discover that not only had I not gained any weight, but had actually lost .05kg ....
' a smidge'  Jenny (the weigh-in lady) called it.- and a smidge was fine by me!

I also had a lovely surprise when I went on a bit of a shopping spree in the UK to discover I could get into a M&S (Marks & Spencer, for all you non-UK ladies) size 14, for the first time in years! For some reason I always end up in M&S ...I'm not a great 'shopper' and can usually get all the basics there, without trailing round every shop in town!

Have a great weekend..hope your weather's better than ours. It's grey and muggy...we badly need a storm to clear the air!

Thanks for dropping by!
Take care of you
Alison xx


  1. Well done on the smidge!

  2. Every smidge counts! Amazing to come back from a holiday and have lost weight, well done!

  3. Great news,Alison.....and I'm an M&S fan as well.

  4. AWESOME!!!!! I just got home to a msg that my annual dr's appt is next Wednesday, I thought it was mid July....guess I will be eating very properly this weekend.

  5. Congratulations! A smidge can be plenty some weeks :)

  6. We are freezing here! 10 degrees by my standards is freezing!! Actually it was colder than that today & very windy! Congrats on your teaspoon of weightloss - definitely anything on the down side is a bonus!

  7. That's great news! Very well done on a smidge, especially after being away. Good to have you back!

  8. Only just caught up with this but wanted to say - well done you.


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