Life in the Slow Lane: Fiesta!

Sunday 26 June 2011


It has been the 'Fiesta de San Juan' in Spain this last few's basically a celebration of the beginning of Summer. It appears to be mainly a coastal event, with huge bonfires being lit on the beaches and the setting off of fireworks.

As it turns out, San Juan de Bautiste (St. John the Baptist) is the Patron Saint of our village, so we have had Fiesta here too. There are copious amounts of bell-ringing at all  hours of the day and night.......

  the village Brass Band, marches round the streets (playing the same tunes for three days!)......

the good and the great gather at the Church.....

ready to process through the streets with the shrine of San Juan....

The rest of the village then join behind, and walk the length and breadth of our tiny village, before coming back and starting to party late into the night (early into the next morning, really!).

At the end of Fiesta, there is a spectacular fireworks display, the following pictures of which do do them no justice whatsoever ........

So there you have a quick peek  at Fiesta in Alcalali.

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  1. Wonderful fiesta photos Alison!

  2. Looks like a fun time was had, your fireworks pictures are amazing!

  3. I love seeing any of the local fiestas when we go away. They know how to party :0)
    Great photos x

  4. It sounds like a great spectacle. Noisy, though!

  5. Oh I love the idea of celebrations like this, it must be such fun. You've taken some great shots

  6. The fiesta looks fun - we never manage to catch one when we visit Mum and Dad in spain!

  7. Love the picture of the band coming down that narrow street - really captures the atmosphere. And also love the lights.

  8. Aha - very interesting indeed! Firework photos are an art I haven't mastered either!! Just remembered I still haven't responded to your e mail where we were discussing the UK sorry...I am a bad e mailer - I have thousands in my inbox & the few hours I spend in there per week aren't enough to keep them all under control :)

  9. That sounds lovely and your photos look great


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