Life in the Slow Lane: SO hot!

Thursday 30 June 2011

SO hot!

 Summer has definately  arrived in this part of Spain. Since I arrived home, about 10 days ago now, the temperatures have been in the high 20s-mid 30s and the humidity has been unbearable.

When it gets as hot as this, my pace of life really does slow's too hot to do anything quickly. I try to get some housework and any shopping done in the morning, so that I can get back home, get my clothes off ( especially the bra...bras are terrible in hot weather!!) and a sarong/wrap on. After lunch, I lie in the shade, listening to my Kindle and by mid-afternoon I've been forced to get in the pool (it's the only way to cool off) ...I look at this as my exercise for the day. 

After that, I have been retreating indoors to blog or scrap, until the sun is less intense (usually between 7-8pm). Then I get back outdoors and water the garden and get any little outside jobs done. Poor Boo's walks have become shorter (just as well she's a little dog and doesn't need too much exercise).

 I usually get a bit of scrapping done at night's far too hot to be indoors and I sit with all the doors of the Naya open enjoying the evening air (with my citronella candles burning to try to keep the mozzies away!)

And there, my friends, you have my days. Even though I consistently complain about the heat in the summer, I consider myself very lucky to waken up every morning to my glorious views and (mostly) wall-to-wall sunshine. My days are mine (mostly), to do with as I please and although I miss family life as it used to be, when  the children were is good! (EXCEPT for the mozzie bites.....both ankles were attacked yesterday and they are PD itchy!!)

Thanks for dropping by!
Take care of you
Alison xx

P.S. Half a pound off today!


  1. Sounds near enough the perfect life,Alison!!
    Could you not have air conditioning indoors?

  2. It certainly sounds like a different kind of life to one over here!

    Well done on that loss this week :)

  3. Humidity really spoils a hot day doesn't it! Sounds like a lovely relaxed pace of life you have out there.

  4. Congrats on the weight loss - you are fading away! Our temps throughout summer are mid to high 30s plus huge humidity but I cope with air-conditioning & can't live without it! We have gradually gone from one air-conditioner our first summer to 8 so now everywhere except the bathrooms are airconned!

  5. Thanks for sharing! I live in a hot climate, but many building are air conditioned in South Texas. I would have trouble living here without it! It is not too humid in San Antonio, but there is higher humidity closer to the Gulf of Mexico. Having lakes, rivers and the coast nearby also helps.


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