Life in the Slow Lane: Off on her Travels

Friday 1 July 2011

Off on her Travels

My DD, that is. She had been here for almost two weeks, and I dropped her off at the airport this morning to set off on her summer adventures.

It's  lovely having her here, but two weeks is long enough for her. I read all the Blogs about sons and daughters being home for the summer, and how everyone looks forward to spending time with them. I too, would love to have Kirsty 'home' for the summer, but, unfortunately this is not home for her. Kirsty didn't move out here with us, choosing to stay in the UK before going to Business School in Barcelona. Because of this, she has no friends here ...and at 21 you want/need your friends and to be out 'doing'......not spending all day, every day with your mum! 

DH finds this a difficult concept to grasp, and thinks she should stay here for most of the summer...thank goodness mums are more realistic!

So this morning she left for Newcastle, where she will spend a couple of weeks before heading off to Casablanca, to stay with a friend from Barcelona and her family , for three weeks. She will then head back to  meet up with me in Barcelona, before we both fly back to Scotland in August.

She will probably stay on in the UK till mid September and come back here for the last few weeks of her holidays.....all of which,in my mind, is right and good. I like to know that we have raised an independent, happy girl who knows her own mind and has made good friends who are always pleased to see her come 'home'!

Of course, before she left we had the usual 'cuddle-fest' with Boo ('are you sure she won't fit in my case, mumsy?' are always her almost- final words before she leaves!)......

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  1. Well it is good you are so understanding I'd be wailing heartbroken! Thanks for visiting my blog, come back again, loved having you here!

  2. You sound like a very clever Mum to me :)

  3. I have a friend who had to move to Belgium as her husband's job moved there and she's got the same dilemma with her daughter and sons. You sound as if you are accepting the situation really well, and I am sure that you make the most of every minute that she comes to stay with you. My son may be 'home' from uni, but I never get to see him much, he's always out!!!

  4. I'm sure you're doing the right thing. There's nothing worse, when you're 21, than a "clingy mummy", who can't let you go and live your own life!
    I hope that she - and you - both have a great summer and enjoy the time you do spend together - all the more because it's not an enforced "whole summer with parents".

  5. Aaaw - gorgeous pics - I can totally relate to your daughter & your feelings on her movements - all normal indeed...very difficult to expect these kids to give up what is rightly the most important thing to them at this age - to be with their peers - and I love to have my DD with me - but to be honest I don't miss all the carting her about socializing so her being with her friends at uni is really the best solution for everyone...


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