Life in the Slow Lane: FLEAS!!

Tuesday 19 July 2011


Ho- Hum,,,DRAT...BLAST!.....I've realised that our beloved Boo has the dreaded FLEAS! Not many, I hasten to add and I just treated her a week or two ago! I picked three off her last night and another two this morning, so it's off to the Vet's tonight to get her treated there. Mornings are for emergencies and surgery at the local Vet, so it's always just 'turn up and wait your turn' at night.

I heard in the village that there is a new strain of flea this year, which all the local dogs seem to be carrying and the Vet is having to use a new treatment. 

Does this creature look the least bit concerned that she has the dreaded things?......

....not even remotely- apart from a bit of a scratch now and again, she seems oblivious! It's only me, with the prospect of houseguests for the next three weeks in a flea-ridden house, who is in any way panicked about the darn things!

DH is mortally offended that she has them at all (you would think I had deliberately gone out to find some for her!), but, as I tried to explain, they are rife in the heat and all it takes is her stopping to have a sniff at another dog, for them to transfer.

She will also be off to get cut again in a couple of days, as it's easier to see the blighters when she is short...all-in-all I am not going to be her favourite person this week...she's already avoiding me, as every time she comes near me I'm searching through her fur!

Hope I haven't left you scratching :)

Thanks for dropping by!
Take care of you
Alison xx


  1. Glad you found them early! Nothing worse than fleas in the house. The joys of heat :-)

  2. The fleas are bad in San Antonio this year too. We have been fighting them since February... We have been treating the dogs, house and yard. I hope that yours go away soon!

  3. I hate it when that happens. It makes me scratch as much as the dogs and then you are constantly searching through their fur - we suspected Kiera had them at the weekend and so she was quickly treated but trying to find a patch of skin through all that fur is a nightmare. Good luck with getting rid of the little blighters!

  4. Oh dear - getting itchy at the thought of them even at this distance! Good luck at the vets - I'm sure Boo will appreciate a trim if it's hot and quickly forgive you!

  5. Fleas are rife here in Africa too...animals are given a monthly pill called Program that interferes with the breeding cycle...very effective it is too...

  6. Urrr... they are such a nuisance! Poor Boo (and poor you too). Curly, woolly fur is the worst for fleas too. Hopefully the vet's treatment will help to clear them up.
    I was supposed to treat our Old Man this evening.. forgot... must do it in the morning - thanks for the reminder!

  7. I'm having a catch up today - instead of thinking about scratching I will go away happily singing the "it's A Small World" song from the ride! But I do hope poor old Boo gets a bit of relief soon.

    Your Scavenger hunt photos are great - like I always say, it's fascinating to see a different place

  8. Awwww, poor pooch! I hope her scratching ends soon!

  9. I think she's not working because she knows you're on top of it. Hope the new treatment does the trick!


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