Life in the Slow Lane: It's a Small World.....

Friday 15 July 2011

It's a Small World.....

...and no, this isn't a post about the Disney ride,,,,,,though I do love it, and probably could write a post about it...but I digress!

I really do mean that it's a small world! When I was at my hairdressers the other day, a couple of ladies came in and started to chat. I was reading my magazine, but keeping half an ear on the conversation (as you do!). One of the ladies was saying that she and her husband were returning to the UK....had sold their businesses and were trying to decide what to do with their house etc. My hairdresser asked if she was looking forward to it, to which this lady replied that she was, and her daughter (A) and granddaughter (F) were really looking forward to her being back in the UK. She then spoke about the business they had sold, and at this point my ears really did prick up!

I turned to her and (actually I knew the answer to my question as soon as I looked at her properly, and saw the resemblance) asked if her daughter was a hairdresser who lived in Whitley Bay. Would you believe that this lady's daughter was my hairdresser when I lived there! I knew from A that her mum lived in this area and owned this particular business, but the chances of actually meeting her outwith her shop( and it's not a shop I was often in, so never had) -and especially at my current hairdresser's- were very slim.

As I's a small world!

I'll leave you with a LO I made later in the week, based on a challenge from Scrap Friendzy .

 Have a great weekend

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  1. it'a amazing how small it is sometimes!

  2. What a great story. When we traveled to Moscow, Russia, a few years ago, the pastor at our church here in Texas put us in touch with a pastor there and someone from that church came & spent the day interpreting for us. It was neat to meet someone so far away who had met our pastor here.

    Beautiful layout!

  3. love the butterfly on that LO.
    I am never surprised any more by who i end up meeting that knows people from home. On our honeymoon, DH met a British girl - who lived in our resort in turkey and was actually our rep in the Dominican Republic.
    It is cool when that happens.

  4. How amazing is that ... it really is a small world. I remember while we were on holiday a few years ago in Turkey, lying by the pool, and this girl came up and asked if she could use the bed next to us - after getting chatting, it turned out she lived less than a mile away from us back home lol.

    Thank you so much for your kind words that you left on my blog, it means a lot to me xx

  5. What a fun story! It's such a small world. This is such a wonderful LO, Alison! ~ Blessings

  6. Amazing story! What a beautiful layout too - love the fabric you've used & the pretty bling & flower clusters - Have a lovely week!!

  7. Amazing isn't it? and I love that layout- it's gorgeous

  8. Great story, it certainly is a small world! Love the layout x

  9. Gorgeous layout - I love the background paper especially. I put on 2.5lbs this week and the week after my next weigh in I'm on hols for 2 weeks! Don't worry about your teeny gain at all. xx

  10. Cute layout! Love that natural wide ribbon. You are just cranking those pages out.


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