Life in the Slow Lane: USA Trip 2008- Colorado Springs

Wednesday 13 July 2011

USA Trip 2008- Colorado Springs

Thought it was time for the next installment of our Road Trip through SW USA.

 We left Santa Fe (you can read about that part of the trip  HERE) and headed north, to Colorado Springs. 

The Company DH had worked for had offices in Colorado Springs, so he had visited a couple of times before, but it was a first for me. The first thing I noticed about it, was that it looked like a typical town from a 'cowboy' movie.....I was just waiting for John Wayne to show up, or a bar-room brawl to start!

The other thing I loved were the metal sculptures, which were everywhere you turned

Our main reason for visiting was to see a colleague of DH's and his wife, who we had befriended on their visits to the UK. We spent a lovely day with them, not only going for lunch  and visiting their home, but they also took us to the American Airforce Academy...which is on the most incredible grounds and has the most awesome Cathedral I have ever seen! The light inside is beautiful..the whole place is bathed in shades of must be a wonderful place to worship.

I have made LOs of the visit, but the light isn't good for photographing just now..I shall try to remember to do so tomorrow and post them then.

After lunch, they then took us to The Garden of the Gods, a National, natural landmark, which reminded me of the red rocks round about Sedona, in Arizona.

'Kissing Camels'

'Weeping Indian'

All in all, we really enjoyed our visit to Colorado Springs...and were looking forward to heading off to Austin, Texas next- until a sudden change of plan!

Thanks for dropping by!
Take care of you
Alison xx


  1. What fun to see little glimpses of your trip, Alison. I love the snowman structure, as well as the beautiful red rock mountains!

  2. Great photos! Can't wait to see the layouts. Those sculptures are crazy - great fun. I'm very jealous of your globe trotting!

  3. Super photos and I love the look of that cathedral.

  4. The metal sculptures look amazing.

  5. Ooooh such great photos of "Garden of the Gods"! I love that place. And you are right, the Airforce Academy is gorgeous! Looks like you had fun.

  6. wow,what a beautiful pics!!
    Great job!


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