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Thursday 11 August 2011

Outside the Box!

The two items which are causing most difficulty on RINDA'S Summer Scavenger Hunt (for me certainly, and for many others who are participating) are the PIRATE and the UNICYCLE!

The friends at whose house we are staying (while they are in wet and windy Wales!), have two lovely, knowledge-thirsty boys and it occurred to me that if I had a look through their bookshelves I may just find something to do with unicycles. Imagine my excitement when , not only did I find this:

courtesy of 'The Guinness World of Records 2010'!!

but also THIS !!

Whilst doing a little 'happy dance', I thumbed through and found that I was spoiled for choice for pirates....I KNOW they are not real, living breathing, Johnny Depp(sigh!!)-type, there's another out-of-the-box thought ladies!....but  I am very pleased with myself, all the same.

The first pirate on this page is one from the Barbary Coast....until watching half-listening whilst blog-hopping, to a programme on TV  last night, I had no idea that the Barbary coast was actually what is, today, Algeria! I had always assumed it to be in the really ARE never too old to learn!!

I have managed another few items while I've been here, which I will share later....I was just so excited to find these two that I couldn't wait to share!!!!

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  1. I hadn't thought to use books ... hmmm .... you certainly have your thinking cap on!

  2. BRAVO, methinks the lass is brilliant! I have Pirates the plenty :) The university I graduated from and that Baby Boy now attends has the Pirate as its mascot, football season starts soon so plenty of photo ops :)

  3. I hadn't thought of using books either....great idea...though pirates is no problem for me as you'll soon see.

  4. Ingenious! I have a photo of my two dressed as (very cute) pirates from many years ago. I'm getting more and more tempted to use that..

  5. I'm impressed! Looking forward to seeing the other things on the scavenger list :)

  6. What a great idea to use books to get your difficult scavenger hunt items!

  7. Guess you were watching June Brown on 'who do you think you are' as well! What a good way to get round the more difficult ones. I'm considering taking on the wheels off my husband's bike in order to get a unicycle - or is that too extreme?!

  8. well done - I'm still chasing the pirate

  9. Great idea! I ended up using toys for a castle.

  10. Such determination - still hoping to find a real live person dressed as a pirate myself, but no luck yet.

  11. Forgive me if I say I have NO idea what you are talking about my dear LOL but glad that you are happy :)!!


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