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Sunday 7 August 2011

The Winner Is........

Sorry this is a bit belated, but I seem to have been travelling constantly since Thursday morning! I arrived at Edinburgh Airport (Eastern Scotland)on Thursday afternoon and -after waiting a few hours for DH to arrive- was picked up by my brother to spend the night in East Kilbride (Central Scotland). 

Friday lunchtime saw us driving to Whitley Bay (N.E. England) and today we have done the return trip to Chesterfield (the Midlands)! We are now staying put in Whitley Bay until Thursday, when we head back to Scotland.

Anyway, without further ado the winner of this book



Congrats Jemma...if you send me your address to alison290 atlive dot co dot uk, I will  get it in the post .....I thought ahead and brought it with me!

I have just realised it's 'Storytelling Sunday' over at  SIAN'S Blog....if you head over there you will find a collection of stories from great off there myself ...

Thanks for dropping by!
take care of you
Alison xx


    You've made my day - seriously - I'm SOOOOO happy about this - just the cheering up I needed!

  2. Congrats Jimjams! Happy travelling Alison!!

  3. Thanks for that Alison. Much appreciated :) and I hope you'll be able to join in again next month.

  4. Hi Alison, I keep meaning to post on my blog that you won 'pass the book' with me from back in July. Everything went a bit mad after that with my dad etc etc and I never announced it and never sent it ..... obviously! Please email me your address and I will get it posted off to you my email is xxx

  5. Glad to hear you're having a good trip.

  6. Sounds like you are having a fun time!

  7. you've reminded me I have this book to read!


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