Life in the Slow Lane: In Good Company......

Friday 7 October 2011

In Good Company...... the name of a great challenge I found, when I dropped in on SUSANNE over at her blog 'SNAPS AND SNIPPETS'. 

Here's the gist of it.

'...for the next several weeks, I’m going to spend time with some of the various manufacturers’ products that I have buried in my scrapbooking stash – company by company, week by week.'

She then goes on to invite her blog readers to play along.....if you pop over to her blog you will  get the full details.

This sounded like something new and a bit different...'I'm up for this' thought I, and off I went to search through the stash.

There was only one little major problem......Susanne's manufacturer of choice this week, was COSMO CRICKET, and I haven't bought any of that for ages (imagine a very sad face here).  I knew it would have to  be in the VERY OLD stash fact I had convinced myself that I had none at all (now the face is sad and grumpy...I really wanted to play!). After the second rummage through, there - right at the back - was a sheet of CC 'Get Happy'!

Cosmo Cricket Get Happy - Striptease

As you can see, I was very lucky in that it was lots of strips, which I was able to chop up (and do some happy dancing while I was at it) and produce this

I am actually indebted to Susanne, as it jump-started the album I want to  do for DD's Christmas, of the photographs she and her friends took in NYC last December, while they were there celebrating DD's 21st. I felt the paper had just the 'urban' feel/look I wanted for some of the pics!

Needless to say, as I had no CC embellishments, I had to make my own...and the 'OH BOY!' phrase worked perfectly as the title!

I then went on to do the first page, now having an idea of how I want the album to look...

I used sketch #269 from SCRAPBOOK CHALLENGES  for this page.

So my thanks go to Susanne...not just for a 'new' challenge, but for getting me started on the album!...why don't you pop over and play along?

Thanks for dropping by!
Take care of you
Alison xx

P.S. Lost all of 0.2 of a lb yesterday...but given my stressful weekend expected worse, so was happy...back on the bandwagon though!


  1. What lovely pages - you have used that paper to perfection.

  2. That has worked really well - don't think I had read her post properly. Looks like a good idea. Think I'm committed to too many things at the mo though :0)

  3. what a great idea, off to check out that blog now!

  4. Alison, this is lovely :) Great idea of Susanne's for a challenge, and super response to it from you!

  5. You did a great job but obviously you need some Cosmo Cricket now ;) Sounds like a great challenge to get people to dig deep in their stashes.

  6. I saw Susanne's challenge this morning & was intrigued also. However, I pay no attention to manufacturers, so I'll really have to look at the paper & see what's what! Still thinking about joining in - your layouts are fabulous & perfect for NY photos.

  7. I love that page. The colours are great and def say urban! I also have a few bits of Cosmo Cricket (and they are VERY old too, some of the first releases) and I was looking at them the other day thinking I should really use them up. Great challenge!

  8. Well done for joining in (and using some ancient stash!). Great start to your new album.

  9. Wow, that one piece of scrapbook paper yielded tremendous results. Your daughter will be thrilled with the album when it's finished!

  10. A great start to the album....perfect paper....I love Cosmo Cricket.

  11. You've made a great start to your album :o) I love the way you stretched that one sheet of paper, that's a challenge in itself.
    I think Blogger must have eaten my comment yesterday!

  12. I thought it was a great idea for a challenge too. I went to look for one of the very first papers I ever bought which was an old Cosmo one called, I think, Hansel and Gretel. But I can't find it!

    You have done a wonderful job with your Cosmo

  13. Yes TA is all of 30 minutes drive away, only been there once or twice. Thanks for info on the book, will go check out Deb's place to see where it is at. Look forward to catching you again. Kathryn

  14. Love your LO's :) and what a good idea for a challenge

  15. Great idea for a challenge and I love what you did with your one precious piece!

  16. A lovely start to what is sure going to be a fun album! I think Scrapbookers Anonymous is working through a similar manufacturer's challenge right now..,.

  17. I really like your pages - that paper is perfect for those photos - and you got it to go a long way!


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