Life in the Slow Lane: MOTHER'S DAY

Sunday 18 March 2012


Today, in the UK, it is Mother's Day.....and, although living in Spain, this is the day most ex-pat Brits celebrate. Spanish Mother's Day (Dia de la Madre) is celebrated on the first Sunday in May, and Father's Day is actually falls on the Fiesta de San Joseph, always March 19th. It is an important religious holiday, and all our shops, banks etc will be closed. 

I have made the phone calls to  my own mum and to my MIL....and am hoping that my brothers will  remember to go visit, and that DH will remember to ring his mum.
 My own Mother's Day has been spent with my non-human 'baby'...and you can see how excited SHE has been about it!

Kirsty has exams this coming week, so is (hopefully) busy studying up in Barcelona...I have though, had a card

and a telephone call.....and the news that he is coming home for a few days over 'Spring Break', which starts next weekend!

I can't help but think of Stuart on Mother's Day, so have scrapped another page from when he was born

Although none of these girls had children at the time, they now have 14 between them!

Boo has roused herself and I have just looked outside and seen this!

I obviously dropped some ribbon whilst rummaging, and 'eagle-eye' has spotted it!

Look at that  face..trying to look all innocent!!!

I have just remembered that I haven't drawn the name for PASS THE BOOK....and will go do it now before I forget again...I'll post the result later-PROMISE!!

Hope all you UK mums are having a lovely Mother's Day!

thanks for dropping by!
Take care of you
Alison xx


  1. We're off out for dinner....courtesy of my girls....Happy Mothers Day to you

  2. A lovely layout, laden with memories, eh? x

  3. Happy Mother's Day! Your layout is wonderful! I especially like the mix of papers that you used. I hope that scrapbooking and blogging bring you some comfort and joy. I know that they help me.

  4. Happy Mothers day Alison - lovely layout x

  5. Just look at that little Boo, looking after your ribbons for you before anyone else could get hold of them, chew them and dribble all over them ;-)
    Mother's Day must be bitter-sweet for you and I think the layout you have chosen to show today is lovely and perfectly timed.
    With love x

  6. Lovely LO Alison ((HUGS)) and happy mother's day to you. Just giggling about Boo and the ribbon, she obviously loves pretty things too!

  7. Happy Mothers Day to you too.
    Love the layout(sending hugs).
    Dont know if i would have thought to take a photo or if i would have ran to rescue the ribbon, but glad you took the photos, lol.
    caroline xx

  8. Happy Mother's Day! In the states, we celebrate in May.

  9. It is late in the day for you, Alison, and perhaps you won't even see this note until tomorrow and your mother's day will have already passed. I just wanted to leave a note and tell you I'm thinking of you, and wishing you a lovely mother's week. I'm glad you had your furry one to keep your company, happy to hear that Kirsty is coming home soon, and feeling very sentimental about you missing Stuart. Sending you love and hugs from the other side of the planet! xo

  10. What a lovely way to remember Stuart on Mothers Day - a happy page of celebration. I also had to LOL at the instinct to photograph the ribbon first rather than rescue it - at least it'll make a great page even if the ribbon is past saving :)

  11. lucky that you have the playful BOO to raise a smile on such a bitter-sweet day

  12. Happy Mother's Day Alison :) We celebrate it the first Sunday in May as well :) Those photos of Boo are precious!!

  13. Happy Mother's Day Alison. I just love seeing these photos of Stuart - I especially like the bright blue in this one. Oh yeah, Boo is so trying to look innocent, but forgot to hide the evidence! LOL

  14. Happy Mother's Day Alison, your dog is soooo cute ! xx

  15. I think the fist pic of Boo is so funny, he looks incredibly bored. Yay that you will soon have a few days with Kirsty! The layout of Stuart and your friends is lovely. I am sure it is a very bittersweet day for you each year. I think Boo and his ribbon detection was just what you needed :) {{{hugs}}} my friend

  16. Oops I hope your ribbons are okay!

  17. Oh gosh you are very calm about your ribbons being chomped! My cats would be up a tree by now I'd be chasing them so hard!! Lovely layout of Stuart...Here Mother's Day has always been May 13. Weird how it is different days in different places...Australia is different again I think...

  18. A beautiful layout Alison. Boo is so cute :) xx

  19. Gorgeous layout, what a brilliant way to campture those special memories. Hope you kept some of the ribbon to adorn a page especially for Boo! fabulous!.x


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