Life in the Slow Lane: PINSPIRATION

Tuesday 24 April 2012


Every Tuesday, for the last couple of months, BEVERLY fromBE GLORIOUS has been challenging us to actually MAKE something we see on PINTEREST and not just drool and 'pin'! 

Up until now, I haven't done very much APART from drooling and pinning, but this week I actually tried one of the recipes (to be fair, I have actually tried some a few a couple, but forgot to photograph them!)...however, on Sunday, not only did I make, but I also photographed!


my version

I am one of those people lacking in presentation you can see!...also I tend to 'guesstimate' on quantities, so it was NEVER going to look like the original!  It was delicious though, and I'll be making it again.

I am linking up to BEVERLY and also to CATE'S 'Less Pinterest  More Do' over at LIFE BEHIND THE PURPLE DOOR.

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Alison xx


  1. Oh that shrimp looks YUMMY! Good for you for making it and posting and linking to Beverly. I've had good intentions of doing the same for a while now and just haven't made it happen. Someday...soon...

  2. That looks delicious! Yes, I really need to DO something with all the stuff I pin!

  3. Those look YUMMY!!!!! I have been challenging myself to make the stuff I pin too. I think I found a great one today for my mom for mothers day.

  4. It does look mouthwatering..

  5. Oh yum! That looks like one good recipe!

  6. Wow that looks delicious! I am on Pinterest but don't drool and pin as much as I would like as I am always so busy DOING lol...

  7. ooh, it looks like quite a tasy dish! we are partial to prawns in this house! thanks for linking and sharing.

  8. Oh that looks so good & I just happen to have shrimp thawing right now. Hmmmmm


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