Life in the Slow Lane: COVER TO COVER -Prompt 2

Wednesday 9 May 2012



You will  notice that I am already running a day behind with this class!

The 'homework' for Prompt 2 

1.Have a look at the photos and ‘get rid’ of anything you really don’t want to keep. This means different things to different people: if you shoot sixteen of the same shot to get one you like, you might want to delete the other fifteen and keep the winner. But you might be quite happy to keep all sixteen if the sheer number of images doesn’t phase you (or your hard drive) in the slightest.

I went through the folders of pictures I've taken so far this year. I already keep my photographs in folders, by year and then separated into months. I also have folders for individual projects,like the album I'm doing for my niece's Birthday, minis I've made etc.

I discovered that I've taken 500 photographs this year, but by the time I had deleted those which were 'excess', I had whittled that down to 220!

2.From the remaining photos from 2012, what have you printed? Assuming you’re happy with the prints, you can ignore those images for right now. Let’s look at what you have not printed. Make a new folder so you can grab anything you want to print. Err on the side of printing a bit too many rather than not enough (don’t worry about the price right now - we can edit it down later if needed). Go through all unprinted photos from 2012 and drop

anything you can ever imagine wanting to print into that new ‘to print’ folder.

I actually ended up doing the opposite of what was suggested by Shimelle, and made a new folder for my 'already scrapped' pics for every means when I go into that month, I can see immediately what pics I still have to work with. This works for me, because I still intend printing my own pics.
When I open each month now, my folder looks like this

It will definately be helpful, if I do this each time I make a layout- then I know exactly what stories are left to scrap. The funny thing is that I do  this when I'm working on individual albums...I have no idea why it hasn't occurred to me to do so with my chronological albums!

 3.Sign in with the photo printer of your choice and upload all those images to your account.

Sorry Shimelle, this just isn't going to happen for me......apart from the fact that I actually am quite happy printing my own pics, the mail between Spain and the rest of the world is a bit unreliable, to say the least.

I'll leave you with a couple of Layouts  I managed to get done for NSD....both were for challenges over at SCRAP FRIENDZY.

Thanks for dropping by!
Take care of you
Alison xx


  1. Enjoy your class Alison. The photos in your last layout are fantastic x

  2. Love the LOs.
    And what a great idea to have a separate folder for scrapped photos. :)

  3. I'm impressed with your organisation Alison ... might have to get myself a bit better trained - I generally print my own because I haven't got around to ordering from Photobox, but perhaps uploading regularly is the key ... then I could take advantage of that special offer when it comes around!

  4. Like you occasionally I have to go through and delete excess pics that are the same shot just a slight different angle! Funny how we seem to keep all those ones just because we have taken them but really don't need them!

  5. Great job with the prompts! I have a digital workflow that I complete at the end of each month - purging bad photos, quick edits where needed, tag & rate in PSE, then upload for printing - so I simply read through this prompt.

  6. I delete things from my memory card before I ever upload to the computer. And I'm pretty good at printing things right away.

  7. You're doing really well with your class. I am loving your layouts, so sweet :)

  8. You are very well organised. I use photobox and last night I uploaded my 2012 photos upto April - I usually do them more regulary but have got behind. The class has motivated me to get on with it. Love the layouts too. You've been very productive.

  9. I love the design of your first layout. I think I shall borrow it :-)

  10. What lovely layouts! What a cute little one! I like what you are doing with your photos and having a folder for those photos you've scrapped. That makes a lot of sense. Great job!

  11. Just look at that liitle that was a photo worth taking and keeping and scrapping :)

  12. Great organization and knowing what works for you. This is an ongoing project for me @@

  13. I'm enjoying getting organised in this class and love your layouts Alison x

  14. Fantastic layouts. I'm doing the Cover to Cover class too and really enjoying it x

  15. Hi Alison :) I am enjoying your posts on Shimelle's new class. I thought about taking it, but I am taking Ali's new class, and I'm already in Elizabeth Dillow's class(Design Challenges) and have done nothing!! So I did not think it was prudent to purchase yet another class!

  16. I love your pretty layouts & good for you on being so organised with your photos! I am on top of mine too but there was a time when I wasn't and it took me a very long time to get organised! Now keeping up with it all is quite something but I don't dare get behind again!!

  17. Beautiful layouts Alison - love the use of the pearls on the second one. What a great idea making a folder of scrapped photos. Definitely an idea I'm stealing. :)


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