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Wednesday 27 June 2012

AND WE'RE OFF........

......on the 2012 SUMMER SCAVENGER HUNT organised by RINDA. In her latest post, there would appear to be about 40 of us playing along...I participated last year, and even though I had to cheat  be somewhat inventive with some of my entries, managed most of it. 

The items we are looking for are as follows:

1. A pier
2. A clothesline
3. A border
4. A roadside stand selling something
5. A train
6. A historical landmark
7. A person playing a musical instrument
8. A person dressed as an angel or a statue of an angel
9. A fountain
10. A horse
11. A shadow
12. A maze, labyrinth, or trail.
13. A library
14. A person playing with a ball.
15. Someone dancing.
16. A bride.
17. A church, chapel, cathedral, mosque or temple.
18. A movie poster
19. An outdoor stairway
20. A swing hanging from a tree (or a hammock)
21.  A picture of you standing with something that symbolizes your nation

It has been Fiesta in our village for the last few days, and when we went down to watch the festivities a couple of nights ago, I managed to get my first few photographs.


There was actually a whole Marching Band of people playing musical instruments!

There were also stalls selling balloons and toys for the children, so this gives me A ROADSIDE STAND SELLING SOMETHING (4)

Now there are only 19 to go!

I am off to Barcelona tomorrow for Kirsty's Graduation, so am hoping to catch a few pics there...I'm also hoping to meet a special someone before I return home on Sunday..that might be a late entry for STORYTELLING SUNDAY over at SIAN'S BLOG

Thanks for dropping by!
Take care of you
Alison xx


  1. Great start to the hunt,Alison.
    Now I wonder who it is you're meeting!!!!

  2. You are off to a great start!! Have fun hunting! It was fun seeing you on the boards asking the questions today as Scrap-Friendzy!! Blessings

  3. Well done Alison love the marching band.

  4. ohhhhh you are one ahead of me lol Have a great time at graduation and congrats to Kirsty :)

  5. look forward to seeing more, hope you enjoy the graduation x

  6. Dear Alson Just a very short note to thank you so much for the love and support. You have no idea what your card meant to me - and I thank you from the bottome of my heart - or what passes for my heart at present. I am so deeply touched - thank you my friend xxxx J xx

  7. I love that band! I will email you soon with info. . .
    so glad Spain won tonight!

  8. Also meant to say thanks for the shout out!

  9. I'm going to join in the scavenger hunt this year. I think you got some very creative and inventive photos last year :) x

  10. I can't believe I'm already falling behind with the scavenger hunt this year - but I've printed off my list which is a good start! Love the atmosphere that your first photos have captured, so typically Spanish - I love it!

  11. Great photos Allison! Have fun at the graduation!

  12. Sounds like a great idea and you have made a good start to your scavenging. Have a great time at the Graduation ceremony and take lots of photographs! You might even manage number 17 there... x

  13. Have a wonderful time at the Graduation! and thanks for the shout out for STS :) Your photos are a lot of fun

  14. YAY! SO kirsty passed - congrats!! And yes I remember this from last year - fun photo challenge!!

  15. Great photos - I captured two for the scavenger hunt last weekend and should get a few more this weekend, so I'll post soon with those.

    Congrats to Kirsty! Enjoy graduation & your special visit.

  16. Good start Alison! I've got my list printed out and some ideas for a few to start off with. Off to make sure the battery is charged and the card is in the camera. :) Oh you are a bit of a tease aren't you?

  17. Nice captures for those prompts! I love the photo of the street with the marching band :)

  18. Oooh what a good start to the hunt! And the carnival looked good fun :)

  19. Good start on the scavenger hunt! Off to Rinda's blog to have a peek, might join in myself:) Enjoy Kirsty's graduation - we have Nicholas's next week

  20. Sounds like a lot of fun! Love your pics, looking forward to seeing the rest!

    Have fun at the Graduation!

    Hugs, Estelle xx

  21. You're off to a great start Alison. I'm intrigued by your meet up. Looking forward to STS, although I don't have a story yet!
    Fiona xx

  22. This is a great idea! Good luck with your search x

  23. What a great idea, think I might just have to attempt this too. Just what I need to get me through winter!

  24. congrats on your daughter's graduation!! and I love your scavenger hunt photos-- the festival looks really fun!


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