Life in the Slow Lane: HELLO MONDAY

Monday, 3 December 2012


This week I'm saying :

HELLO to your goodselves

HELLO to THREE Christmas Lunches!!!......the Keep Fit one tomorrow, the Slimming Club one on Thursday and the Charity Shop one on Friday!

HELLO to a trip to IKEA ....yes we do have them here- just not locally. There is a coach trip going down to the one in Murcia (about 2 and a half hours away) on Wednesday, and my neighbour and I have booked to go on it.

HELLO to getting the rest of the Christmas cards written before heading to Scotland (where I shall distribute/post them) next week.

HELLO to finishing the Christmas decorating

HELLO to continuing to read the prompts for JYC..and to doing something about them!! 

I hope there is a smattering of Christmas Magic in YOUR life this week!

Thanks for dropping by!
Take care of you
Alison xx


  1. Golly, Alison, I had no idea Ikea had arrived in Spain! Hoping you trip to Scotland is lovely - will you be back in Spain for Christmas? Enjoy those lunches :)

  2. Hello to my daughter's birthday. Hello to making cheesecake, and hello to lots of papers to grade.

  3. Okay, too funny that two of your lunches are for diet/exercise groups!

  4. have fun on your coach trip to IKEA - I have images of you all struggling onto the coach for the return journey with lots of packages.

  5. I agree with Rinda ~ had to smile! Enjoy the trip to Scotland ~ you may have snow!

  6. Before we got Ikea here the ferry comapnies used to run ferry and coach trips to Scotland to Ikea there. Quite a trip! have fun - sounds like an excellent outing.

  7. I am thinking the Charity lunch would be more up my alley ;)

  8. I agree with Tinda, so funny that two of your lunches are for healthy clubs! Have fun and a safe journey to Scotland.

  9. I agree with Rinda, that is so funny about those lunches. Makes me wonder what the food will be like. :)

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  11. I hope it's been a great week Alison. We've had three dinner parties here at our home, I've attended a Christmas ornament exchange, we're driven around to see Christmas lights, all our decorations are up, some of the gifts are wrapped, Christmas cards are sent, and I'm prepping for family visits & my oldest niece's wedding next week. Oh yeah, definitely some Christmas magic going on here!

  12. I also thought it was funny that 2 of your lunches were for keep fit/slimming! Safe journey home xx

  13. i made a trip to Ikea this week too x

  14. I SO hope I come across an IKEA on my travels!!!


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