Life in the Slow Lane: WAS I ACTIVE?.......

Thursday 3 January 2013

WAS I ACTIVE?.......

......Yes, I think I was, my bloggy friends! 

I chose ACTIVE as my OLW for 2012. As in 2011 I didn't take part in the online course or even keep a written record of how I was doing, but I did find it helpful to have it at the back of my fact it actually ended up practically taking over my life in some areas!

I declared my aims as follows:

to continue being physically active, with my Keep Fit and Line dancing classes ....and get back to walking Boo 'properly' (i.e. not just 'round the block'!! -I continued with both Keep Fit and Line dancing, but poor Boo didn't get much further than round the block!!

does she look bothered?!

  • to lose at least another stone (14lbs/6.4kgs)......FAIL!! I lost and gained the same two pounds all year :(
  • to become more active in our local community....I intend to volunteer to work in our local Charity Shop, and have already volunteered to be part of the 'Front of House' team for our local Theatre Group- not only do I now work in the Charity Shop, but I have ended up on the committee of the Charity itself- my main focus is on helping with the  planning for the numerous fundraising events we have.                                                                                                                     I have continued to do 'Front of House' at our theatre (in fact it's panto time again....THE WIZARD OF OZ- and I'm 'on duty' three times next week!)
  • to actively join in with blogging and online scrapping challenges.....I did reasonably well with this, though never actually finished the couple of classes I took!
  • to actively limit my time online (am not at all sure how that one will go!!)...AHEM!!
  • to actively make an effort to find some new recipes to keep me on target for losing that other stone.....see previous comment re weight-loss!
  • to actively support DD as she makes her decisions about her future...this is her final year in Barcelona and she has to decide 'what comes next'-and it's not likely to include staying here in ongoing activity! 

    I reckon that I am going to continue being ACTIVE this year, so am using it again (also known as a cop-out, I know!)

    Thanks for dropping by!
    take care of you
    Alison xx


    1. Excellent results as far as I can see, you weren't aiming for perfection, were you? ;) Love the AHEM lol

    2. Well, I think you did pretty well. What a neat post.

    3. You've actively pursued your goals which is what matters :). Wishing you lots of success this year too with the remaining challenges. Cheering you on!

    4. I think you've done really well! And that poor puppy doesn't need much walking in the Spanish heat ;-)
      Looking forward to seeing much blog ACTIVity in the coming year!

    5. I think you did pretty darn good! Active is a great word for the year!

    6. Yes, I certainly do think you were active in 2012! Like you I simply kept my "word" in the back of my mind and found it helpful. Still thinking of one for 2013 - best get a move on I think!

    7. I'm catching up in reverse order...

      This is a cool way to document how you did with your OLW for last year. I really should do a similar post about BUTTERFLY. :o) Thanks for the inspiration, and congrats on keeping your OLW ACTIVE all year. Well...except the weight loss issue but I seriously doubt any of us readers will hold that against you! ;o)

    8. I think you did so well last year so why not keep the same word? Good luck for this year x

    9. Sounds like it was a very successfully active year!

    10. Sounds like you did a good job of being active in several areas! I'm working on the active part for weight loss & healthy living this year, and am proud to report I have ridden the stationary bike for 30 minutes the past 6 days in a row! Here's to being more active in 2013! Let's go!

    11. It sounds like it's been a very good guide for you and will continue to be one for next year as well.

    12. Active is a great word. I think that you can certainly reuse your word of the year. :) Thank you for visiting my blog!

    13. I think you did great. This makes me think I should go back and see how I did with my word from last year.


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